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Conoco West Robbed – again

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Conoco west gas station was robbed a second time this year in the early morning hours, about 3:05 am, on Aug. 30.

In the usual robbery fashion, the suspect brandished a gun and robbed the store, although no details were given, as the police report was not available as of press time. Gallup Police Department Capt. Rick White...

12 Years as Classmates - Gallup High Reunion

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Gallup High graduates held a reunion this summer that included some students from First-grade at Roosevelt Elementary School and stayed with their classmates through their final year at what was then a three-year old building on Boardman Drive known as Gallup High (now the site of Miyamura High School).

Matching the current pictures with the much younger versions is a little more difficult, although surely the old phrase, “You haven’t changed a bit” was heard more than once during the reunion. The Gallup Sun is not responsible for those changes; however, so only cryptic hints have been included in parenthesis behind the student names listed above. Those names were deciphered...

Needed Change by Collaboration

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There are always those people who fight against change of any kind, on any subject. The purpose of last weekend’s Community Workshop at the Second Street Events Center was an attempted collaboration among many groups – the City, B.I.D., and the Gallup Mainstreet/Arts & Cultural District to name three – and dozens of individual citizens with ideas of their own.

The consultant team for this effort was led by Charlie Deans of Community By Design and his crew of Sarah Ijai, Paige Winslett, and Lisa Flynn; and was enhanced by Gabe Preston of RPI Economics, Nevin Harwick of Harwick Transportation Group, and Doug Borwick of Arts Engaged Cultural Planning, who was unable to attend due to...

Navajo Nation President Begaye keeps restrictions in place for San Juan River

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WINDOW ROCK- Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has not lifted restrictions on opening the San Juan River for irrigation purposes.

“I am furious that the USEPA has placed the Navajo Nation into this position. Our farms will not last much longer without water and our resources are depleting,” said President Begaye. “These past few days I have visited with the farmers along the San Juan River because they are part of this decision.”

On Thursday, Aug. 20, Office of the President and Vice-President held a public meeting for the impacted chapters to give farmers and chapter officials a forum to express their concerns. During the meeting, five of seven San Juan River area...

Planning for a great downtown

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Breakout groups roll out ideas

There were less in attendance Aug. 22 at the Second Street Events Center for the main portion of the Revitalizing Downtown Community Workshop, but the enthusiasm level was just as high for the more than 50 participants. This was to be the culminating day for the ideas and plans of the workshop, after all, and Charlie Deans and his consulting team had done the preliminary work very well on Friday evening.

Deans followed up on Saturday with a one-hour slide show of inspirational ideas from other communities in the state and other areas, raising the hopes of many as he spoke. He discussed a variety of topics designed for this purpose: streets, placemaking...

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