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The legal limit is .08.

Orlando Yazzie

July 14, 8:07 pm

4th DWI

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Arnold J. Noriega was parked in the lot of Big Bear Furniture at N. Ninth Street and W. Jefferson Avenue in Gallup, when he noticed a silver Ford Mustang traveling northbound on Ninth, failing to stop...

NNOSHA deems education center restricted area due to rodents

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — On July 19, the Navajo Nation Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued an order restricting the Department of Diné Education building with limited access, and the education facility will not reopen without the approval by NNOSHA.

The order is a result of rodents within the facility. There is limited access for education programs within the Education Center for the retrieval of documents and files from workstations in order that business may continue for the remainder of this week and next.

DODE programs are seeking other worksites in order to continue business hours. Facilities maintenance has contracted a company to fumigate and clean the building...

NM Environment Department’s Air Quality Bureau eliminates backlogged enforcement cases

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63 Enforcement Cases Now Triaged and in the Progress Pipeline

Santa Fe – On July 20, the New Mexico Environment Department’s Air Quality Bureau announced substantial progress toward reducing a backlog of air quality violations in New Mexico.

“While remaining up-to-date with the current oversight of air quality permittees, the Air Quality Bureau as a whole, and its enforcement section in particular, have pushed through a backlog of enforcement issues—63 to be exact,” New Mexico Environment Secretary Ryan Flynn said. “Under new leadership in the enforcement section, the previously dormant and backlogged enforcement cases, dating as far back as 2006, are now triaged and each...

Gold King Mine Spill Citizens’ Advisory met to discuss sediment

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Group discussed effects of lead in soils, EPA’s gladstone treatment facility, and spring runoff

Santa Fe – New Mexico’s Gold King Mine Spill Citizens’ Advisory Committee, based out of San Juan County, met July 25 at the San Juan Community College Student Center-SUNS Room.

Bruce Yurdin, program manager with the New Mexico Environment Department’s Surface Water Quality Bureau provided an update on the Long-Term Impact Review Teams’ acquisition of x-ray floresence technology for the testing of lead in soils and the current status of sediment in the Animas/San Juan watershed. Yurdin also discussed the Environment Department’s observations at the Environmental Protection...

Martinez ignored Trump’s phone calls to vet her for VP slot

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New Mexico journalists shouldn’t feel too upset that Gov. Susana Martinez’s office doesn’t return phone calls or emails—the governor reportedly did the same to Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

That’s part of a story in The New York Times about how Trump came to choose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate.

A list of 16 names put together by then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, did not include Martinez. It did include five women.

From the Times story:

Before the list was drawn up, Trump also expressed interest in Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, but after Martinez did not return repeated phone calls from Lewandowski, Trump...

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