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The perils of parents and punks

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One doesn’t have to read far into my article on the Gallup Amateur Baseball/Softball Association to discover my feelings about parents that don’t participate but want everything their way, and punks who see nothing wrong with taking advantage of others, even kids, to prove their own self-worth, or in this case...

The loud vocal minority disagrees, but won’t participate

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It’s another rough start for the Gallup Amateur Baseball/Softball Association, which directs and organizes the recreational, yet competitive, baseball and softball teams and leagues for the upcoming summer months.

The president of the association, Kevin Menapace, was forced to resign after some parents insisted on appearing at his place of employment to complain about a variety of small items they didn’t like.

These were most likely the same parents who refused to attend any of the meetings where these decisions were discussed and agreed to, and probably in the same social grouping as those parents from last year that used the same tactics.

Some of the rule changes were necessary...


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Apr. 12, Tuesday

WHS BASE 1  Laguna Acoma 14

Apr. 13, Wednesday

RCHS G TEN 0, Gallup 9 Forfeit Loss

ToHS BASE 0, 1 Estancia 26, 11

Apr. 14, Thursday

GHS B TEN 0, Miyamura 6

GHS G TEN 0, Miyamura 9

MHS BASE 1, Piedra Vista 2

MHS B TEN 6, Gallup 0

MHS G TEN 9, Gallup, 0

RCHS SOFT 21, N.A.C.A. 1

ToHS SOFT 21, 17  Santa Fe Indian 8, 2

WHS BASE 9, 12  Zuni 1, 2

WHS SOFT 15, 16  Zuni 2, 2

Apr. 15, Friday

GHS SOFT @ Piedra Vista, DH 4/6

MHS SOFT @ Farmington, DH 3/5

Apr. 16, Saturday

GHS BASE @ Farmington, 11

GHS JV SOFT vs Piedra Vista, DH 11/1

GHS TEN @ Farmington/PV 10

MHS JV SOFT vs Farmington, 11/1

MHS TEN @ Farmington/PV 10

Apr. 18, Monday

MHS G TEN @ Rehoboth...


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Apr. 22, Friday

GHS SOFT vs Aztec, DH 3/5

MHS C BASE @ Bloomfield, TBA

ToHS BASE @ Laguna Acoma, DH 3/5

Apr. 23, Saturday

GHS BASE vs Aztec, 11

GHS JV BASE vs Aztec, DH 11/1

GHS JV SOFT @ Aztec, DH 11/1

GHS TEN vs Hope Christian, 11

MHS BASE @ Farmington, 11

MHS JV BASE vs Farmington, 11/1

MHS C BASE @ Bloomfield, TBA

MHS SOFT vs Santa Fe, DH 3/5

RCHS BASE @ W. Las Vegas, DH 3/5

RCHS SOFT vs Estancia, DH 10/Noon

ToHS SOFT vs Santa Fe Indian, DH 11

Apr. 26. Tuesday

MHS BASE vs Piedra Vista, 4

RCHS SOFT vs Shiprock NW, DH 3/5

RCHS B/G TEN @ Bosque, 3

ToHS BASE vs Wingate, DH (Mickey Mantle) 3/5

WHS BASE @ Tohatchi, DH (Mickey Mantle) 3/5

Apr. 27, Wednesday


The reason I like high school athletes

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It sometimes amazes me how often we can get so wrapped up in our lives and so easily forget others in the community who stand out, even if they will be moving on in the next six months.

Two of these people, attached to this story, was entirely my fault in forgetting. Well, one at least!

I’ve known Natalie DePauli since her two older sisters created havoc on opponents on the soccer pitch. Nat was just a little girl then, but has since grown up to be the Homecoming Queen at Miyamura High and a very good soccer player herself. Good enough to receive a scholarship offer from Garden City College in Kansas. I always suspected that Nat would be the one daughter of her parents to...

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