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Sports Quiz

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In August 2023, the London Capitals defeated the London Mets to claim the championship in what baseball league?

Tim Grgurich resigned as head coach of what college basketball team after just seven games and a 2-5 record in 1994?

How many times was drag racer Doug Kalitta the NHRA Top Fuel season runner-up before he finally...

Sports scores for Feb. 27 – April 3

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2/27 18-1 (W) Miyamura v. Navajo Prep

2/28 8-1 (W) Gallup v. Socorro

3/1 8-6 (W)  Navajo Pine v. Valley

3/2 13-2 (L) Gallup v. Espanola Valley

3/7 5-0 (L) Miyamura v. Piedra Vista

3/9 27-0 (L) Gallup v. Grants

3/9 7-0 (L)  Miyamura v. Hope Christian

3/12 28-1 (L) Gallup v. Belen

3/14 17-0 (L)  Gallup v. Roswell (Tournament)

3/14 20-5 (L)  Miyamura v. Farmington (Tournament)

3/15 12-2 (L) Gallup v. NMMI (Tournament)

3/15 14-1 (L) Miyamura v. Valencia (Tournament)

3/16 12-3 (L) Gallup v. Ruidoso (Tournament)

3/16 4-1 (L) Miyamura v. Gadsden

3/20 17-5 (W) Rehoboth Christian v. Zuni

3/21 20-0 (L) Miyamura v. Artesia (Tournament)

3/21 10-2 (W) Navajo Pine @...

Sports schedule for week of April 5

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4/6 Gallup @ Miyamura 1 pm

4/6 Thoreau v. Hot Springs 1 pm Home

4/9 Miyamura v. Kirtland Central 4 pm Away

4/9 Tohatchi v. Zuni 5 pm

4/10 Thoreau @ Tohatchi 5 pm

4/11 Gallup v. Kirtland Central 4 pm Away

4/11 Miyamura v. Aztec 6 pm Home



4/5 Navajo Pine v. Estancia (Tournament) 3 pm Away

4/5 Tohatchi v. Loving (Tournament) 3 pm Away

4/9 Gallup v. Bloomfield 6 pm Home

4/9 Miyamura v. Kirtland Central 6 pm Home

4/9 Tohatchi @ Thoreau 5 pm

4/11 Gallup v. Kirtland Central 6 pm Home

4/11 Miyamura v. Aztec 3 pm Home

Star Athletes Of The Week

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School: Miyamura High

Name: Estefany Arreguin-Zubia

Sport: Dance

Grade: Eighth Grade


Estefany is an eighth grader from JFK Middle School.  She joined the team during mid-season tryouts.  She has worked really hard and applied herself. The team is proud of her determination as a varsity dancer to reach the level she’s at in a short amount of time.

School: Crownpoint High

Name: Ellianna Tsosie

Sport: Track and Field

Grade: Freshman


Ellianna participates in the field events of javelin, discus, and shot put. She is a team player and works with all her other teammates by assisting them with their events.

School: Miyamura High

Name: Estefany...

Lynx beat the Bengals

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