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City, guests warm up at Spring Fling

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Artists, visitors flock to season’s first ArtsCrawl

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Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for April 14, 2023

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Welcome to another look at some of the highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. It’s another busy edition with plenty of titles arriving in a wide variety of genres. So, if you can’t make it out to the movies this week or need to stay indoors, be sure to give one of these titles a try!


CHESS STORY: Set in 1938 on the cusp of World War II, this drama follows a notary serving the Austrian aristocracy. After Nazis take control of the country and Vienna, the Gestapo arrests the man. They demand that he reveal various local bank accounts to them, so that they can take the funds and pay for their war effort. He refuses and is locked in solitary confinement.


'Renfield’ leaves its mark on viewers

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Rating: 3 out of 4

Running Time: 93 minutes

This film from Universal Pictures will open exclusively in theaters on Friday, April 14.

Just because we critics spend most of our lives sitting inside dark rooms and watching somber dramas doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy a good laugh once in a while. The central concept of Renfield is an extremely funny one, telling the story of Dracula’s assistant and the young man’s attempts to end the toxic relationship with his master. The movie is a graphic and over-the-top bloodbath and while the story does get distracted by subplots and not every joke ends up hitting the mark, there are more than enough gags that do land to make for an...

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ is over the top, but still thrilling

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Rating: «««

out of ««««

Running Time: 169 minutes

This feature from Lionsgate will be opening exclusively at theaters on Friday, March 24.

In the past decade, this reviewer would be hard pressed to think of an action film character who has taken down more bad guys than John Wick (according to online enthusiasts, the body count tally after three movies is a whopping 299). The first movie in the series was a literal blast, and its sequels have done everything possible to outdo their predecessors.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is the latest follow-up and is intended to be the climax of the series. It’s a pretty safe bet to say that the filmmakers may have hit 500 after this...

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