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Allison Lee of Mexican Springs, N.M., died June 19. He was 64. Allison was born into the Bitahnii, born for Tse Najinii. He was born in Gallup on April 26, 1958.

Allison was preceded in death by Rena Mae Lee (his mother) and Chee Lee (his father).

He is survived by his children: Alvina Earnhart (husband, Benjamin...

Americana musician comes to Gallup

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Sean Harrison to perform at the Gallup Masonic Center June 19

“I’d like to think I’ll die in an interesting way/ A final effort for some glory to my life/ Like falling from a cliff/ Or run over by a train.” That’s how “Wake up Dead,” a song off of Sean Harrison’s 2020 album “Halfway from Nashville,” starts.

Harrison’s music has been described as “Americana,” meaning that it encompasses traditional music styles, such as folk, country, and bluegrass. In an interview with the Sun, he said he considers most of his work to be more on the blues side of music. He said his inspirations include Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

“I like writing songs that make fun of guys...

‘Lightyear’ is a breath of fresh air

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Running Time: 104 minutes

This animated feature from Disney and Pixar opens at theaters on Friday, June 17.

Those familiar with Pixar films will know that the 1995 hit “Toy Story” was the animation studio’s first full-length feature. It involved a young boy named Andy, whose toys came to life whenever he wasn’t in his room. Over the years, several well-received sequels have followed. While the studio’s new effort “Lightyear” does have a direct connection to the franchise, it is quite different from a traditional follow-up. A title card at the beginning of the movie explains that this is the movie that young Andy saw and loved, making his...

Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for June 17, 2022

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Welcome to another exciting look at some of the new Blu-rays and DVDs headed your way. This edition is jam-packed with major releases in addition to some interesting independent fare. There’s certainly something here that will appeal to everyone. So, if you can’t make it out to the movies or shouldn’t be out in public this week, make sure you give one of these titles a try!



AMBULANCE: The latest action extravaganza from director Michael Bay (“The Rock,” “Armageddon,” “Transformers”) involves a decorated veteran in need of cash who asks his adoptive brother for a very big favor. The man begs the family member to help...

An artist’s journey

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What inspires Shannon Gurley O’Donnell

Shannon Gurley O’Donnell has worn many hats in her life.

She originally thought she wanted to be a doctor, but after a year at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., she realized that wasn’t the path for her. She went on to be a flight attendant and a manager at a Ronald McDonald House before finally getting a business degree and working as a salesperson.

But it was actually a small moment during her time as a flight attendant that would change O’Donnell’s life. She used to do a lot of writing, and her roommate at the time suggested she use a watercolor wash behind her writing.

Now, over 30 years later, some of O’Donnell’s...

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