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Thursday, Sep 28th

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Solace paid to GPD’s fallen

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Close to 100 attend annual memorial service

They came as if to their own funeral.

Law enforcement and personnel from the Gallup Police Department, the Gallup Fire Department, the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office, and generally, officials from Gallup City Hall – their brethren killed in the line of duty years ago –...

4th Annual Gallup Walmart Rotten Sneakers Contest

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Local dignitaries sniff out the stinkiest shoes

The smell of victory and “de-feet” was in the air, as boys and girls ages 5-15 competed in the Odor-Eaters’ Rotten Sneaker Contest at Walmart in Gallup. The contest is a fun, family-friendly event to find the most rotten sneakers in all of greater Gallup.

Contestants’ shoes were judged by a panel of “odorologists” — expert sniffers from the Gallup community, which consisted of returning sniffer Sammy Chioda of Millennium Media, Inc., Amy Coats and Michelle Perez of Foundations of Freedom, and JC of radio station 93X FM. Together, they rated the shoes based on how bad they looked, and, of course, how rotten they...

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – A flawed flick, but avoids total disaster

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Rating: «« out of 4 stars

Running Time: 147 min.

Another week, another comic-book-related beat-down between famous superheroes. This week it’s X-Men: Apocalypse, the sixth title in the popular Marvel series and the third of more recent slate of films featuring younger versions of the characters. This tale is set in the ’80s and depicts perhaps the most dangerous adversary the mutants have encountered. So, does it keep the prequel winning-streak alive?

Well, it certainly isn’t as strong as the two previous chapters, which took unique approaches to the comic-book material that included time-travel and an exploration of the complex relationship between two characters who would...

‘Power Lunch’

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