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Veterans get break on contract, vendor bids

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Business-savvy veterans already know the benefits of becoming a federal government contractor.

Through initiatives like the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Boots to Business program, active-duty service members who are transitioning from military to civilian life and want to launch or build a business receive...

If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain

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If you haven’t participated in early voting, then registered voters in McKinley and Cibola counties should make plans to vote in next Tuesday’s general election.

All registered voters everywhere have a civic obligation to weigh in on the process of choosing their elected representatives. The low voter turnouts that have been the norm in, particularly, McKinley County—for example, about 30 percent in the June 2016 primary — are unacceptable and suggest a deep well of apathy in the community that stands to poison the effort at making McKinley and Cibola counties better places for taxpayers.

Recently, we saw a practically full gathering of Republicans at Sammy C’s Rock N’...

Madame G guide to the stars WEEK OF NOV. 4

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The Sun in Scorpio encourages deep reflection and emotions. This invigorates work and romantic relationships. Expect an awakening. However, the opposite is possible. Realization may hit that you really hate your job or SO. Madame G recommends caution. Remember what you learned from your grandmother: always be polite and offer guests a bite of food. Good luck!


Aries (March 21-April 19)

Resting? You may experience a very positive break that leads downhill for a time. While you rest, take time for self-reflection. In moments of quiet and solitude, we often learn more than we ever imagined possible — for better — and worse. Don’t be such a judge. What you think isn’t good or bad...

Meet Cibola County Commissioner Candidate Robert S. Windhorst

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Dear Editor,

When I first got involved in Cibola County Politics it was in 2013. I decided that I would run for Magistrate Judge in a Democrat bastion! My opinion has always been that no one Party, or individual, has all the answers, I believe that it takes everyone working together to make things work. I also believe that choice is an important part of our Democracy. Without choice our society loses the ability for real change.

As the Chairman of the Cibola County Republican Party for the past twenty-one months, I have opened the doors of our monthly meetings to all people from both the Republican and Democratic Party. We have had appointed leaders an elected officials speak and it...

Ramirez ‘Big Break’ story correction

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In regards to last week’s story of ‘Big Break’ in Vol. 2 Issue 82, Friday Oct. 29, I want to make it perfectly clear that although we do appreciate the $12 a night discount for four nights at the Red Roof Inn, 3304 W. Hwy, Mr. Yogash Kumar gave to us the week of Sept. 19 / Sept. 22 in no way shape or form has Mr. Kumar helped us in any other way, especially financially or with temporary housing which was stated in this issue of the Gallup Sun. The stay was not free and he is not assisting or providing temporary housing for myself and my family. We would like to thank the community, friends, and family for their support, donations and prayers during this difficult time. We do have a...

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