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Makerspaces nurture business development by offering workspace, tools

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Uncertainty about the commercial viability of an innovation or idea — in addition to the cost of renting or buying the machinery needed to build a working prototype — has stifled many an entrepreneurial impulse. But the makerspace movement that’s gaining a foothold in several New Mexico communities is trying to...

To serve and protect?

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To the editor,

A headline says: “Knife-wielding man killed as he rushed Gallup Police.” It should have read: “Obviously drunk man staggers toward five or six Gallup Police and these half-dozen police, armed with batons, tasers, pistols — not to mention the fact that they outnumber this drunk six to one — were so in fear for their lives that they shot this drunk six times.”

Six police could easily have hit this drunk with six batons from all directions and taken this knife from one dizzy drunk (they were all sober) without killing him. Instead, their solution was to take this drunk’s life.

On the same front page, we are told that the officer who fired five bullets into a...

Local manufacturers empowered by visual-workplace training

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Armando Soto is a convert to the visual-workplace concept. The director of operational excellence at Albuquerque jewelry-maker Relios Inc. attended a two-day workshop this spring that was sponsored by the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership. He came away with the tools he needed to put Relios on the path to being a fully functional visual workplace.

The point of visual-workplace training, according to guest speaker Gwendolyn Galsworth, Ph.D., founder of the Visual-Lean Institute, is to “convert the physical (work) environment into a visual one” and “to share vital information about the task at hand at a glance, without speaking a word — in short, to let the workplace...

Madame G guide to the stars WEEK OF JULY 22 – 28

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According to the Farmers Almanac, The Buck or Thunderstorm Full Moon occurred on July 20. This marks the growth of new antlers on young male elk and a few more thunderstorms in the sky. You may experience a variety of new events that signify milestones of growth in the midst of summer storms. This may be equally terrifying and exciting. Madame G suggests putting on your rain-gear and heading out. You’ve got this!


Aries (March 21-April 19)

You may experience a few discomforting challenges this week. Are they an annoyance because they’re new or difficult? Only you can decide what’s best for you. Consider that others in the world have also experienced this and may provide some...

Clinton and Trump are two sides of the same authoritarian coin

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For those who seek freedom there is a Libertarian option

The subjugation to government fostered by socialism is often likened to voluntary slavery (communism is forced slavery). McKinley County just might be America’s poster child for failed socialist policies of helpless dependency on government programs culminating only in equality of restraint and servitude. If there was one place hankering for “live and let live” freedom and independence from the shackles of bureaucracy, it should be right here.

Let’s set aside the sleazy character issues of candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which have two of every three Americans holding their noses and desperately yearning...

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