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What is a beneficiary?

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A beneficiary is a person or entity who receives the benefits of a financial account, insurance policy, or estate plan in the event of the account owner’s death.

For example, if you have a life insurance policy, you would name a beneficiary to receive the proceeds of the policy if you were to pass away. Similarly, if you...

A personal view of U. S. foreign policy

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Where we stand today


We now are faced with a frustrated Russia at war with Ukraine. I make no comment here as the facts are really in flux except to say that it’s quite clear that former Soviet States want no part of going back to Russian control, while Russia, after centuries of invasion, desperately wants buffer nations under its control.

But what worries me is our current belligerent attitude with China. China, over the course of 75 years, has raised the economic welfare of its citizens, raising a billion people out of poverty.

At the same time, our relations with China have left China feeling left at the door. They have waited for 50 years for the...

Daly fails to identify collectivism’s essence

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Dear Editor,

Seemingly sympathetic to communist doctrine, your columnist Michael Daly speaks of the U.S. “allergy to communism” yet fails to identify collectivism’s essence (and the rest of Marxism’s grotesque offspring) which is forced bondage/slavery and in the case of socialism, voluntary bondage for those who fear the responsibilities of freedom. Marxism can be summed up in two directives:

1. Covet thy neighbor’s goods.

2. Envy the man that is better off than you.

Daly also notes that “communism is commonly a stage in the growth of a nation” without mentioning that the people of those nations suffered dearly in that brutal plantation process which the U.S. abolished...

Fifty shades of beige

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Remember the beige craze of the 2000s? If you wanted to sell your house, you’d paint the interior walls of your house “bashful beige,” “autumn wheat,” “tasteful tan,” “totally taupe,” or “burnt oatmeal.” Yes, if your house had fifty shades of beige, you’d sell your house lickety-split.

Now light gray is all the rage. No more bland sand! Bring on the “faded fog,” “shy shark” and “silver lining” shades. I don’t know how it happened, but light gray became the neutral go-to of the mid-2010s to the present day.

While neutral colors have pleasant, easy-for-real-estate undertones, they can come across as dull and boring. When it comes to language...

Nygren signs youth employment legislation into law

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Window Rock, Ariz. — With a sign of relief for many, Navajo high school and college students are going to get paid.

Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren signed legislation in front of Navajo Nation Veterans Park May 2 to provide $2 million for Summer Youth Employment Programs.

Last month, the Navajo Nation approved the legislation with a unanimous 21-to-0 vote.

All 110 chapters have expressed a need for supplemental funds to pay for their summer youth employment programs this summer. This is particularly true in light of students going without because of the COVID-19 shutdown of chapters.

“It’s a strong investment,” Nygren said. “The Council is not afraid to invest in our...

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