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Now, more than ever, our future depends on construction workers

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 is now law and will provide an estimated $3.725 billion to New Mexico for highway improvements, bridge replacement and repairs, expanding connections to high-speed internet, improvements in water and wastewater systems, building energy infrastructure, and more.

As of right...

Response from RMCHCS Interim CEO Don Smithburg

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We value feedback from our community, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide some context in response to Dr. Mezoff’s letter.

I think we all agree Dr. Mezoff is a passionate, well-respected part of the RMCHCS and Gallup history. Though having not been directly involved with the hospital for some time, she may be unaware of the efforts undertaken this year to strengthen our operations and the progress we’ve achieved.

· Transparency: In response to community requests, beginning in October, RMCHCS opened our board meetings to the public. We solicited community feedback and are reviewing hospital financial reports with in-person and virtual attendees. This was not the first...

Between a rock and a hard place

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County commissioners respond to Mezoff letter

McKinley County Commissioners Billy Moore, Dist. 1, Genevieve Jackson, Dist 2, and Robert Baca, Dist. 3, all received copies of Dr. Kathleen Mezoff’s  letter about the hospital and chose Moore to speak to the Sun on their behalf.

Moore said Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services is the biggest issue commissioners face.

“We have no control over operations of the hospital itself,” he explained.

“We own the building —We have a lease with RMCHCS —They have a lease with Community Hospital Corporation as a management company,” he continued.

“We keep going back and forth.”

Moore said the commissioners’...

New Mexico educators to N.M. Oil & Gas Association: Stop using us in pro-industry campaigns

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More than 200 educators from across New Mexico sent a letter to members of the state legislature and the U. S. Congress on Nov. 30 asking that the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association stop using educators and students in public campaigns to promote more oil and gas development, block efforts to diversify state revenues, address climate change and make changes to the federal oil and gas program.

The letter follows an early effort in July 2021, when organizations representing thousands of teachers and educators across New Mexico sent a letter to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and state legislative leaders expressing concern about the state’s over-reliance on fossil fuel extraction for education...

2021’s COVID-19 crisis may have boosted more accessible legislature

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Ever since the 1970s, when Americans woke up to the dangers of government secrecy thanks to Watergate and Vietnam, the value of transparency in public policy making has become more and more apparent. Bad things are more likely to happen in darkness, not only when it comes to crime, but also when it comes to laws made in secrecy, or decisions made without public input. That’s why New Mexico enacted the Open Meetings Act in 1974.

As it says in the act itself, the legislature recognized that a representative government is dependent upon an informed electorate armed with the greatest possible information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of its officers and...

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