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Grand opening of the Ganado Senior and Veterans Center marks a new era of community support

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GANADO, Ariz. — The community of Ganado, Arizona, celebrated a historic milestone with the grand opening of the new Ganado Senior and Veterans Center on June 26. This momentous event, attended by the 25th Navajo Nation Council Speaker Crystalyne Curley and Council Delegate Vince James, signified a significant achievement...

Majority of Navajo Nation Chapters approve optional virtual attendance at chapter meetings

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Effective June 25, the majority of Navajo Nation Chapters have acted to amend Title 26 of the Navajo Nation Code to allow for a virtual attendance option at chapter meetings.

“Chapters now have the right to choose whether they will allow virtual attendance or not," Speaker Crystalyne Curley said. "Chapters that do choose to implement hybrid/virtual attendance must now adopt their own virtual meeting policies. This resolution provides a resource to address issues like meeting quorum, meeting attendance, and increase community engagement.”

The amendments made in CO-85-23 permit each chapter to decide what type of attendance will be allowed at its chapter...

SCOTUS comes to a decision on Moyle v. United States

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WASHINGTON D.C. — The latest Supreme Court decision once again calls abortion into question. This time, Moyle v. United States asks if Idaho hospitals can legally provide emergency care to patients who need it — including abortions if that is the appropriate medical treatment. Specifically, whether Idaho’s near-total ban on abortions prevents doctors from providing medically necessary abortions.

For the second time in two years, a major Supreme Court abortion decision leaked before the justices officially released it. This time, however,  it may have only been because of a clerical error by someone who manages the Court’s website.

Two years ago, an early draft of Justice...

New Mexico unveils ambitious workforce development strategy

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ALBUQUERQUE — The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions released its 2024-2027 combined state plan on June 26,  marking a year of collaboration and development with statewide stakeholders.

The 2024-2027 New Mexico Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act combined state plan outlines the department’s vision, goals, and strategies emphasizing the immediate needs of New Mexico communities while aligning with the state’s forward-looking economic development plans.

“We heard the voices and businesses and communities across the state and worked to balance the state’s forward-looking economic development goals with the pressing needs of New Mexicans to take care of each...

Extensions available to taxpayers affected by fires

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SANTA FE — The Taxation and Revenue Department is allowing extensions for taxpayers affected by the South Fork and Salt fires disaster.

Extensions are currently available for one month. For example, someone with an estimated personal income tax or corporate income tax payment normally due on June 17 can have an extended due date of July 17.

Similarly, various business tax returns that were normally due on June 25 will now be due on July 25 for qualifying taxpayers.

Affected taxpayers taking advantage of the state extension should send a letter notifying the Taxation and Revenue Department that they qualify for the extension and provide support that they are an affected...

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