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Council approves almost $1 million in UUFB funds for 2024 election

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — The 25th Navajo Nation Council approved emergency Legislation No. 0020-24 on March 26. The legislation would appropriate almost $1 million from the Unreserved, Undesignated Fund Balance for expenses in preparation of the 2024 Navajo Nation Elections, if signed into law by the Navajo Nation...

Man breaks into garage, steals $700 in items

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A man is facing charges of burglary after he stole multiple items from another man’s garage.

On March 18, around 2:45 pm, Gallup Police Officer Jarad Albert was dispatched to 913 Cascade St. in Gamerco in response to a search call for a burglary suspect. According to his report, Albert had searched the Gamerco area before he arrived at the victim’s house, but he was unable to find the suspect, who had been identified as 27-year-old Edward Isaiah Johnson.

When Albert arrived at the scene he met with the victim and a man who identified himself as Johnson’s father. The man explained that he sometimes brought his son to the victim’s house when he used to work for him. The victim...

Rude awakening for Gallup mother

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Man allegedly attacks after unwanted wakeup call

A man who was identified as Kyle Plummer is facing aggravated battery charges after he allegedly attacked his mother when she tried to wake him up.

On March 21, around 8:30 am, Gallup Police Officer Darius Johnson was dispatched to 511 N. Fourth St. after Metro Dispatch received a call about a man being held down and restrained by a family member.

When Johnson arrived at the house he met with the victim, who said her son, Plummer, 26, attacked her. Her other son reportedly had to help her by holding Plummer back.

The woman closed the front door to let Johnson in, and that’s when he saw the two men lying on the ground behind the...

Weekly DWI Report

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Featured DWI

Latham R Saunders

March 6, 8:01 pm

Aggravated DWI (Third)

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a Thoreau man for not dimming his headlights and soon arrested Latham Saunders, 29, and charged him with his third DWI.

Deputy Brandi Garnenez was patrolling near Highway 371 in Thoreau when she observed a vehicle that was driving without dimming its headlights for oncoming traffic. She pulled the vehicle over near the intersection of Highway 371 and Rose Street and conducted a traffic stop.

She met the driver, Saunders, and learned his license was revoked. During her questioning, Garnanez reportedly saw Saunders show signs of intoxication including...

Flea onslaught strikes early in the season

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DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I can’t believe it — it’s only March, and my cat Flicker is already scratching himself silly with fleas! He has terrible skin reactions to flea bites. How can I get rid of them? — Jesse B., Oak Ridge, Tennessee

DEAR JESSE: Flea infestations are awful, aren’t they? As the seasons change and the weather warms up, flea activity rises, and pet owners start seeing more evidence of fleas on their pets and around their homes.

Fleas aren’t just annoying. They can carry diseases that are transmissible to pets and humans. Tapeworms and cat scratch disease are just two of the potential ills that a flea infestation can bring into your home.

Tackle a flea problem...

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