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Letters to the Editor

Letter from hundreds of N.M. health care practitioners

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‘Help us protect you’

SANTA FE — More than 350 doctors, nurses and health care practitioners and providers from all across New Mexico signed an open letter the week of Oct. 26 urging New Mexicans to double down on safe practices and personal caution to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the state’s health care...

Letter to the editor: RMCHCS gets CARF accreditation

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Conejo continues to bring benefits to Gallup?

Despite the spring departures of former CEO David Conejo and 10 directors, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Healthcare Services continues to benefit from the foresight, winning strategies and business acumen of Conejo’s previous leadership as the hospital was awarded with a three year Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities accreditation Oct. 12.

One of the most complex and financially beneficial programs for behavioral health care services in the world, the accreditation of the WellSpring Rehabilitation Center was based on surveys conducted by its governing board of commissioners.

In addition to the accreditation, the...

Where does Habitat Stamp program go?

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Well guess it is time for another letter and a change in the subject topic, my family and friends have been hunting for years since I was a teenager in high school.  I can remember my dad taking us out of school for two weeks to go hunting.  In those days, the two-week license covered most all animals from deer, turkey, and bear, you might run across.

As time has gone by the State of New Mexico and its Game and Fish department has increased the rules and made it harder to draw out for a license and tacked on many extra fees which has increased the cost of buying a license.  I and my better half even taught hunter education for almost 12 years to encourage the young people to get into...

Letter to the Editor: A doctor’s point of view

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Dear editorial staff,

I try to grab a copy of the Gallup Sun when I see it, and I follow you on Facebook. Thank you for helping me stay up to date on local news.

I am writing to you regarding two sections in your July 31st issue.

First, while I commend you for including diverse viewpoints in your Opinions section, I am disappointed you chose to print “Return America’s foundational freedoms” by Melissa Martin. Not only is it poorly written and full of unsubstantiated, partisan claims, it is absolutely inappropriate for a Gallup newspaper. To make her point that “it’s essential that citizens start listening less to the alarmist Anthony Fauci”, she quotes the Heritage...

Letter to the Editor: Health security for all New Mexico residents

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As the covid-19 pandemic has gripped our nation, the deep flaws and inequities of our health care delivery system are being brought into sharp relief.  Climbing insurance premiums and sky-rocketing prescription drug prices are not new; but now we can see clearly how my health is so closely intertwined with that of my neighbor, so that public health becomes critically important.  Instead of rationing health care by wealth, as our current private health insurance system does, health care needs to be treated as the basic human right that it is.

The New Mexico Health Security Campaign has been at work since 1992 to carefully develop a plan for universal health care for all New Mexicans...

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