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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: A doctor’s point of view

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Dear editorial staff,

I try to grab a copy of the Gallup Sun when I see it, and I follow you on Facebook. Thank you for helping me stay up to date on local news.

I am writing to you regarding two sections in your July 31st issue.

First, while I commend you for including diverse viewpoints in your Opinions section, I am...

Letter to the Editor: Health security for all New Mexico residents

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As the covid-19 pandemic has gripped our nation, the deep flaws and inequities of our health care delivery system are being brought into sharp relief.  Climbing insurance premiums and sky-rocketing prescription drug prices are not new; but now we can see clearly how my health is so closely intertwined with that of my neighbor, so that public health becomes critically important.  Instead of rationing health care by wealth, as our current private health insurance system does, health care needs to be treated as the basic human right that it is.

The New Mexico Health Security Campaign has been at work since 1992 to carefully develop a plan for universal health care for all New Mexicans...

Letter to the Editor: Support for a primary winner

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I wanted to congratulate Yvette Herrell on her hard-fought victory in the primary election. I am endorsing Yvette Herrell, and I will make myself available to help her in the general election.  Yvette Herrell has shown her ability to win without compromising her basic conservative principles. It will take all of us to help elect Yvette Herrell to congress. Please help Yvette with your support and vote. Our country’s future depends on you.

Also I wanted to express my thanks to Claire Chase and her family. She ran a strong and proud campaign. Claire has shown that there is a bright future for young republicans in New Mexico.

To my supporters, thank you for your confidence in me and our...

Letter to the editor: Veteran looks at policies amid pandemic

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Cibola County [was] still under lock down with 131 cases and 4 deaths as of 05-25-20 per the web. McKinley 2,192, & 93, San Juan, 5456, 108, Bernalillo 1,337 68 cases and deaths. Why is the governor keeping Cibola closed along with McKinley and San Juan Counties, because of high rates around us, but not Bernalillo County? Is it because the city mayor and sheriff in Cibola have bucked the lock down, or is it because there are more people in Bernalillo that might get upset come election day?


What’s considered “essential?” Food, prescription drugs, sometimes...

Letter to the editor: A government of the people, by the people, for the people, must rely on the people.

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The idea that the only way to save lives is to commit economic suicide is absurd and short-sighted.  New Mexico State government’s  reaction to the COVID 19 pandemic  need not be an either-or proposition.

New Mexico can save lives and save the economy at the same time.

The fear-based economic shutdown/slowdown is more deadly than the virus.  It is ridiculous to expect New Mexicans to sit by and watch their livelihoods destroyed.

We are strong, proud determined New Mexicans who believe in supporting our families and ourselves by working. The State cannot be a party to economic suicide.

The State has demonstrated an extraordinary lack of equal treatment under the law. ...

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