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BluRay-DVD Roundup for Nov. 19, 2021

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Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for Nov 19, 2021

By Glenn Kay

For the Sun

Welcome to another look at some of the new titles arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. This week is chock-full of big Hollywood blockbusters and interesting independent fare. So, if you can’t or shouldn’t be heading out to the movies right now, be sure to give one...

‘Belfast’ wins all four stars from this reviewer

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Rating: ««««

out of ««««

Running Time:
98 minutes

Focus Features is releasing this movie in theaters on Nov. 12.

According to recent interviews, actor/writer/director Kenneth Branagh has always wanted to make a film about his childhood and growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the turbulent late 1960s. The recent lockdown allowed him to focus on this idea, developing it into “Belfast,” his latest effort, and one of the best features of the year. Everything about this movie, from its observations to the characters themselves, feels genuine and absorbing, as if viewers are getting an authentic look into a child’s life during this period in history.


‘Eternals’ looks good, but the action is slow

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Rating: ««

out of ««««

Running Time: 157 minutes

This feature from Disney is being released exclusively at movie theaters on Nov. 5.

Critics can be awfully fussy, myself included. While many just see going to the movies as a way to escape for a couple of hours, our job is to determine what goals are being attempted in a movie and then determine how successful it is at achieving its mission. “Eternals” is the latest Marvel comic book adaptation to hit the big screen. It’s a polished and beautiful-looking movie that will find plenty of supporters.

However, more persnickety viewers, such as myself, will find something lacking in the final product, which I believe can be...

BluRay-DVD Roundup for Nov. 12, 2021

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By Glenn Kay

For the Sun

Welcome to another look at some of the highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. It’s another remarkably busy week with big Hollywood titles and independent features from numerous genres. So, if you can’t or shouldn’t be heading out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!


BAD CANDY: In this independent horror anthology flick, two New Salem, Mass. radio station hosts working a Halloween late shift relate scary stories over the air. The chilling segments involve a young woman whose monstrous drawing comes to life, a morgue worker using illicit substances to get through their night shift and several more...

‘The French Dispatch’ has quirky characters, great technical work, a little short on heart

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Rating: «««

out of ««««

Running Time: 108 minutes

This feature from Searchlight Pictures opens exclusively in theaters on Oct. 29.

Wes Anderson is famous for making visually stunning and quirky films that either charm or annoy viewers. His live action features include “Rushmore,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” and this reviewer’s personal favorite, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” “The French Dispatch” is his latest effort and it possesses Anderson’s unique and eccentric mannerisms in spades. It’s also the closest this filmmaker has ever come to making an anthology.

The brief, episodic nature of the material struggles to make a big emotional...

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