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Zuni man charged with murder in Indian Country

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ALBUQUERQUE – A Zuni man was recently charged with murder in Indian County.

According to a criminal complaint, Brian Wallace, an enrolled member of the Zuni Pueblo,  allegedly killed a victim, identified as John Doe, and buried him at a residence on the Zuni Pueblo on an unknown date. The victim was an enrolled member...

Former Arizona insurance agent sentenced to more than 11 years for reported elder fraud

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TUCSON, Ariz. – An insurance agent from Tucson, Ariz. was sented to 136 months in prison after she tricked an 80-year-old client out of over $1 million.

In October 2018, Koreasa Maria Williams, 47, a licensed insurance agent, realized she was under investigation for an earlier annuity theft scheme,  and then advised the 80-year-old victim to cash out eight life insurance policies and obtain approximately $1 million, under the false promise that the life insurance funds would be better invested in annuities.

Williams then tricked the victim into writing two checks totaling over $1 million to a law firm under the guise that the law firm worked for Williams’ annuity company and...


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Featured DWI

Donald Hosteen

Sept. 2, 3:37 am

Aggravated DWI (Third)

A call for a potential domestic disturbance led to a Red Rock man, Donald Hosteen, 35, being arrested and charged with a third DWI.

The alleged victim at Sagebrush Apartments at 650 Dani Dr. called Metro Dispatch and said Hosteen, had been drinking and arguing with her, and that he “laid his hands on her” before leaving the scene in a black Mustang.

Gallup Officer Aaron Marquez responded to the call and traveled toward the apartment complex, passing a vehicle matching the caller’s description traveling in the opposite direction. Marquez turned to follow the vehicle, which sped up before quickly...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, Oct. 10

A man tried to resist arrest and headbutt an officer when he was found inside a home in which he didn’t belong.

On Oct. 10, around 1:15 pm, Gallup Police Officer Julio Yazzie was dispatched to 810 S. Sixth St. when a man who was trying to do some work on a rental property noticed the front door was slightly opened. The man said the front door was kicked in, and that when he went inside the house he noticed a man, who was later identified as Elliot George, in one of the house’s rooms.

According to Yazzie’s report, he noticed that pieces of the door jamb had been broken off. He estimated that it would cost about $400 to replace the door...

Video game violence

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Man turns violent after his video game is turned off

A man named Alton John  allegedly started punching another man with brass knuckles after his video game was turned off.

On Oct. 8, Gallup Police Officer Aaron Marquez was dispatched to 106 Arnold Pl.  around 11 pm to break up a fight. The person who called Metro Dispatch said they were in need of an ambulance.

When Marquez arrived at the scene he reportedly met a man who had a facial injury that was bleeding profusely. Two other men were trying to help the man out and stop the bleeding with a towel. One of the men said that the other man involved in the fight, who was later identified as John, 21, was still inside the house.


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