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Homemade treats

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DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My new puppy’s training is going very well, and he responds very well to rewards of little treats. I worry about feeding him so many processed, store-bought snacks though. What are some natural or homemade alternatives for treats? — Maggie T., Nashua, N.H.


A: Many alternative recipes for homemade...

Promoting Gallup in film, art

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As the City of Gallup works to increase its presence on the big screen, it is again partnering with the  National Indian Youth Council and several other organizations to host the second Gallup Film & Media Expo.

The Expo is slated for 10 am - 4 pm on March 20 at The University of New Mexico-Gallup’s Gurley Hall and Calvin Auditorium, 705 Gurley Ave. It is free to attend and booth spaces are  also free. This second event is planned to be much larger than the first and will include unique  offerings and opportunities for local residents to network and learn more about working in the  industry. There will be demonstrations by professional film crews, question and answer sessions...

Leveling up: Walking with multiple dogs

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DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I walk my neighbors’ dogs every day after school. It takes time because I have to walk one dog at a time, then go to the next house, and then the third one. I’d like to make this job a little more efficient by walking all three dogs at the same time. What’s the best way to do this? — Colin R., Smyrna, Georgia

DEAR COLIN: I can see your dilemma! Walking three dogs separately takes at least one hour, probably two, when you add in the time spent accessing each home, leashing up the dogs and unleashing.

It is possible to walk all three dogs at once, but you have to do two important things first: One, get permission from each neighbor to walk the dogs together...

Diné radio station KTNN celebrates 38 years of radio broadcasting

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Each morning across the Navajo Nation, a familiar sound can be heard on radios reverberating across the airwaves. With this sound AM 660 KTNN The Voice of the Navajo Nation begins yet another day, and this year marks 38 years in radio broadcasting for this little 50,000 watt station.

KTNN began its history of broadcasting on Feb. 28, 1986, in a modular building in Window Rock, Arizona. Today the station is located at 178 W. Hwy. 264 in St. Michaels, Arizona., still on the air and still expanding its audience.

Listeners can enjoy KTNN on FM 101.5, KKNS AM 1310 - Corrales/Albuquerque, as well as online at www.ktnnonline.com.



With the Navajo Nation makes up its...

gallupARTS presents the 2024 Blue Desert Tour

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gallupARTS is bringing the Blue Desert Tour back to Gallup for a third year. Featuring three nationally-acclaimed Indigenous jazz bands, the Blue Desert Tour will stop in Gallup on April 11 for a free concert at El Morro Theatre at 7 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm).

Headlining the Blue Desert Tour are:

Delbert Anderson Quartet - Led by Diné trumpeter Delbert Anderson and based out of Farmington, New Mexico. Julia Keefe Trio - Led by Nez Perce jazz vocalist Julia Keefe and based out of Brooklyn, New York. 
Indigie Femme - A singer/songwriter duo starring Elena Higgins (Maori/Samoan) and Tash Terry (Navajo/French/Irish) and based out of Santa Fe. 
The Blue Desert Tour will also travel to...

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