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Artist’s commission pays tribute to a local military hero

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When self-taught metalworker Michael Mitchell transitioned from silversmithing to working with steel and other metals, he didn’t anticipate receiving a commission to craft a sword to honor Gallup native Hiroshi H. “Hershey” Miyamura, a second-generation Japanese American Medal of Honor recipient and former POW who...

Gallup community central to music-store owner

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By Holly Bradshaw-Eakes
For Finance New Mexico project

Rhonda and Ryan Quintana connected over music. Born and raised in Gallup, both were active in the local music scene — Rhonda as a singer and Ryan playing guitar while pursuing a music degree.

It was no surprise, then, when Rhonda and Ryan opened Quintana’s Music Center in 2017 on Gallup’s Coal Avenue in the heart of the city’s revitalized downtown. The store sells musical instruments and band equipment, and the Quintanas work with schools to help students get the instruments they need.

Rhonda said dedication to community is central to what they do. Before the pandemic, Rhonda served on various boards, led fundraising...

Exploring the human-Sacred Heart connection

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As the physical, emotional and functional center of the body, the heart has come to represent the soul of a person. In some of the stories of the saints, there are tales of the heart bearing literal words of God inscribed revealed up death of the saint.

In the case of St Ignatius, given the name “Theophorus,” meaning “God-Bearer,” his heart was untouched by the lions that devoured him, and the gilt words, “Jesus Christ,” could be seen upon his heart by the pagan onlookers.

Later, when the courtly love of medieval times spread through literature and art, the symbol of the heart took on a more earthly meaning of romantic love.


‘Together’ examines a relationship falling apart

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Alcohol ruined Kelly and Mason’s life together. Months after their breakup, just as Kelly is in recovery and Mason is hitting bottom, a mutual friend’s suicide brings them back together.

The reunion forces them to confront their life choices, the damage they have done to themselves and others, and the ferocity of the love they shared. We can feel how much they want to be together, even as they both know they’re idealizing the relationship in hindsight. Along the way some emotional bombs drop, threatening to drive both men to the brink.

Writer-director Stanley Bain packs a lot of emotion into 18 minutes, and there are no easy answers here. We’re left to wonder whether Kelly...

Local filmmaker overcomes obstacles to realize a dream

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Growing up on the Navajo Reservation, Stanley Bain was afraid to dream. The future looked less than hopeful: graduate from Holbrook High School in Arizona, then get a dead-end job there or in some other bordertown. Grander opportunities seemed out of reach.

“I didn’t think I was afforded or had the right to dream,” Bain recalled. “I could maybe find a job in town. I didn’t think I was allowed to dream and do what I wanted to do. I felt alone.”

A lot has changed. Today Bain is realizing his dream of being a filmmaker, working the festival circuit with his short film “Together” and pursuing new projects.

“Together” screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival over the...

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