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Try out this recipe!

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Brian’s Brain Cake


 1 box red velvet cake mix and ingredients to make cake (usually oil, water and eggs)1 cup vanilla frosting1 package 12 oz., bright white candy melts1/4 cup corn syrupcornstarch2 tablespoons honey2 tablespoons strawberry jam,   not jellyWilton burgundy color gel food...

What goes bump in the night?

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Zollinger Library tests people’s Halloween knowledge

Here’s a couple questions for you, in what year was the radio program “War of the Worlds” aired? Hmm don’t know - keep guessing. How ‘bout, was there really a mummy’s curse when King Tutankhamun was discovered?

These were the sort of trivia questions that were asked at the Halloween Trivia Night at UNM-Gallup Zollinger Library, 705 Gurley Ave. The spooky thought-provoking event took place Oct. 18.

Zollinger Library Director Markos Chaves said the library staff wanted to do something fun and educational that also celebrated the spirit of Halloween.

“The library likes to do programming that brings people into the...

The disappearing backseat passenger

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Former police officer tells a scary story

Halloween originates from the Celtic people. Over 2,000 years ago, they would don costumes to ward off bad spirits, believing that the ghosts of the dead would roam about among the living on this day.

Today, children dress up in costumes not to scare off the boogeyman, but to scare up as much candy as possible. As for adults, the whole macabre and thrill of trying to scare others or enjoying a good scare themselves is their Halloween.

Nothing beats a classic horror film, a spooky campfire story, or perhaps a honest to goodness true tale of encountering a “bad spirit.”

In the spirit of Halloween,  the Sun searched about for such...

City's online payment portal will be down Nov. 3

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The City of Gallup Online Utility Payment Portal will be offline to conduct necessary maintenance and upgrades from 5 pm until 10 pm on Nov. 3.

During this time, Customers will be unable to make online payments for utility bills until the system restarts.

Payments can be placed in the night-drop at the downtown building located at 110 W. Aztec Ave.

Solving the police shortage problem

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The GPD currently has 10 vacancies they’re trying to fill.

This is not something that is unique to the Gallup Police Department. Police departments across the country have been experiencing staffing issues.

According to a Police Executive Research Forum done in June 2021, police agencies are only filling 93% of their authorized positions. Part of this is due to a 5% decrease in the amount of new officers being hired. Another factor is that there was a 45% increase in the retirement rate. Officers are retiring faster than departments can hire new recruits.

In an interview with the Sun, Gallup Police Captain Erin Toadlena-Pablo said that in the next three to five years, more than...

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