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Sheriff candidates vie for voter support

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What are the qualities that will make the best sheriff for McKinley County?

All five candidates got a swing at answering that in an April 5 forum sponsored by the McKinley County Democrats and hosted by the Gallup-McKinley County Chamber of Commerce.

Candidates included one Republican, Elreno C. Henio; and four Democrats...

Apartments for teachers

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GMCS uses housing incentives to retain, draw quality staff

School districts across the nation are experiencing staff shortages.

According to a National Education Association survey that was published on Feb. 1, 74% of the teachers surveyed said they’ve had to fill in for colleagues or take on other duties because of a staff shortage. While 55% of the teachers interviewed said they plan to leave the profession sooner than they originally planned because of the pandemic.

The Gallup-McKinley County Schools district is trying to counter this national exodus from the profession and the area’s housing shortage by building housing specifically for teachers.

“As many people are aware...

Land swap satisfies both city, GMCS needs

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The City of Gallup and the Gallup-McKinley  County Schools are finalizing a land swap that will solve problems for both sides while helping to keep expenses down.

The entities will be swapping the school district’s 4.4-acre Bus Barn property, which it no longer uses, for a 10.7-acre wedge of city land adjacent to Rocky View Elementary School.

Despite the difference in size, the properties appraised within $10,000 of value because the smaller property includes structures, and the larger parcel is in a more desirable location along Boardman Avenue.

City Attorney Curtis Hayes called the swap “one of those situations where everything falls into place at the right time. The school...

Earthweek: Diary of a Changing World

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Week ending Friday, April 1, 2022


Early Birds

A new study reveals that some birds in the American Midwest are now laying their eggs about a month earlier than they did a century ago, with a steadily warming climate pointed to as the cause. Led by Chicago’s Field Museum, a team compared century-old eggs preserved in the museum’s unique collection with recent avian observations. Each egg is accompanied by a label, noting the kind of bird and precisely where and when it was collected. A third of the 72 species studied around Chicago now lay their eggs about 25 days earlier than they did a century ago. The gradual shift to an earlier spring has resulted in large impacts on animal...

Inmate absconds with police transport van

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Life on the lam was brief

An inmate experienced a brief moment of freedom when he took control of the van that was transporting him and two other inmates from Bernalillo County Detention Center to McKinley County Adult Detention Center March 21.

The two male inmates 35-year-old Joshua Hall and 36-year-old Rickie Billie were shackled and handcuffed and placed in the rear compartment of the transport van. The lone female, 45-year-old LaCosta Reeves, was shackled in the side compartment of the van.

Before getting onto I-40, there was some commotion in the rear compartment so the deputy stopped to check on his restrained passengers and found nothing alarming. He got back on the road...

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