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Walk like a mummy

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Halloween-themed walk benefits the Community Pantry

Walking toward a cure

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Gallup’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s held Oct. 22

Walking toward a cure

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Gallup’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s held Oct. 22

The tale of ‘La Llorona’

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Specter haunts the dreams of children, adults alike

The 2019 movie “The Curse of La Llorona” portrays the legendary ghost of La Llorona as a scary spirit that stalks the night and hunts for children. As the old tale goes, her own children drowned in a river many years ago, which set off a tragic chain reaction.

But according to people who grew up with parents and grandparents telling them the Hispanic story, pop culture has completely lost the true essence of the cautionary tale of La Llorona.

Rosalia Pacheco grew up listening to the story of La Llorona, and feels a connection with the woman who many consider a harbinger of death.

In an interview with the Sun, she laid out...

The business of death

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One funeral home director’s experience with the unknown

Funeral home directors spend the bulk of their time working on the dead.

They prepare the deceased through a detailed process that involves injecting embalming fluid through the neck until the decay-preventing fluid fills the entire body.

David Anderson was in the funeral home business for four years, and he was the funeral director at Director’s Choice LLC., a funeral home in Albuquerque, over seven years ago.

He said that embalming was one of his favorite parts about the job, partly because he enjoyed making the families feel good about how their loved ones looked after death.

“I liked when the family showed...

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