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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: GMCS’s behavioral problems are not racial

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Dear Editor,

I commend the Sun for your objective reporting on the front-page story “GMCS back in the hot seat.” You clarify the issue by presenting both sides without bias, a quality rarely seen in modern journalism reeking of tabloid sensationalism.

Claims of racism are very serious charges. Nowadays a person can lose...

Letter to the Editor: The 2023 farm bill: New Mexicans should ensure their voices are heard

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Dear Editor,

Think about what New Mexico might look like without food production. What if we didn’t have New Mexico chile, open space or healthy crops? Food nutrition is a crucial part of our everyday life. As you drive around your local community, take a minute to notice how the food and agriculture sector is everywhere.

All New Mexico agriculture and the consumers who enjoy our state’s products are impacted by the 2023 Farm Bill being discussed by Congress, which is renewed every five years. The renewal provides an opportunity for producers and consumers to make decisions about commodities to grow, conservation practices to invest in and requirements to establish the nutrition...

Letter to the Editor: Ad misrepresented legislative bills

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Dear Editor,

I recently read the advertisement in the Gallup Sun by Entragallup. The ad offered “explanations” for some HBs and SBs that are/were being voted on. The ad writers decided that these bills were about taking away parental rights and I felt so disgusted by how well this ad misrepresented the purpose of any of these bills that I felt the need to respond. It was so inhumane and tone deaf I honestly thought the ad might be a spoof at first.

Their opposition of HB7, SB 13 and SB397, bills that seek to protect children in vulnerable positions, being explained by the idea that a parent has the right to force their child to give birth in a town where adults who plan to have...

Letter to the Editor: Why the state’s ranking shouldn’t get you down

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National KIDS COUNT data book released June 14

Dear Editor,

Sophocles wrote that “no one loves the messenger who brings bad news.” As the KIDS COUNT organization for New Mexico, we have long had the grim task of sharing that our favorite state ranks poorly against the rest of the nation in the KIDS COUNT index of child well-being. Sadly, this year is no exception as New Mexico again ranks last on this 50-state scale.

Although this is hardly happy news, we’re here to point out that, while the KIDS COUNT index and data lift up some crucial areas where the state should invest in children, you shouldn’t let the ranking get you down.

The KIDS COUNT rankings are only one small...

Letter to the Editor: Recognizing the 79th anniversary of D-Day

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Dear Editor,

79 years ago, during World War II, on June 6, 1944, American, British, and Canadian military forces combined to launch the largest amphibious invasion force ever assembled in world history.

Operation Overlord was the official codename for this Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Germany in Normandy, a region in the northwest corner of France about 185 miles across the English Channel from England. But the world has come to know this date as D-Day, the day the Allied forces took the battle directly to Germany—a little over four years after Germany invaded and then occupied France. The time had finally come to mount a major offensive to free France and drive the German...
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