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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Environmental health complaint

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Dear Gallup Sun,

Several years ago you were the only media outlet in town that would publish or report on five scientific studies I presented regarding environmental health dangers in our region which need to be addressed.

Here is my recent post on the McKinley County Grassroots Facebook page:

MCG, I often say the greatest...

Letter to the Editor: Commissioners delay mill levy decision

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We write to thank the county commission for holding off voting on a fourth mill levy for RMCHCS. We are sending this letter to summarize the suggestions of community members at this meeting.

Community members support the use of tax funds to keep our hospital open, but believe that clear measures are needed to ensure that the use of these funds does not merely postpone the hospital’s closure but instead spurs a sharp change of course toward recovery.

In all, we suggest that the county commission articulate conditions that need to be met for the use of public funds.  These are consensus recommendations from our community, which includes former hospital executives, former physicians...

Letter to the Editor: Gallup VA will not be closing

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This Fourth of July, as we commemorate our nation’s founding, our community has much to celebrate and much for which we can be grateful. Gallup has long been proud to be known as the most patriotic small town in America. We earned that reputation, at least in part, because of the large number of veterans who call our community home.

We are honored that so many brave men and women who have served our country choose to live in Gallup. As friends and neighbors, we take our responsibility to support these veterans seriously. That’s why when the Federal department of Veterans Affairs proposed closing our local Veterans’ Clinic, as well as the clinics in Las Vegas, Raton, and...

Letter to the Editor,

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I am writing to your newspaper to publicly express my appreciation for President Joe Biden’s “policy of empathy” towards Navajos. The 2020 CARES Act provided relief from hardship during the Covid-19 public health crisis. The American Rescue Plan Act provided $1.8 billion to the Navajo Nation. The funding was unbelievable!

Our congressional delegations to Washington deserve a lot of credit as well. Their understanding of our communities’ needs helped get the funding. Navajos and non-Navajos are sharing the money. And it is greatly appreciated.

I am also thankful to the President and our Secretary of Interior Debra Haaland for restoring key provisions of the National Environmental...

Be cautious of inflation when planning your retirement

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Long-term loans carry higher interest rates than short-term loans because there are more variables in play over a more extended period.

Another factor that makes long-term loans less attractive to lenders, thus raising interest rates, is inflation. Inflation is the rise over time in the price of goods and services. Lenders know the longer it takes the borrower to pay back a loan, the less that money will be worth because everything costs more.

Inflation is the rise over time in the price of goods and services. Is a loaf of bread higher than it was the year you were born? Inflation is measured as an annual percentage, and the same way interest rates are measured as a yearly...

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