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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Learning opportunities in a more peaceful world

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A GMCS announcement in Gallup Sun’s May 28th edition of a promising opportunity for STEM Core students drew my attention.

I hope this “internship” program is still available for local students and hope participating students will enjoy gaining more understanding of their true interests and begin exploring...

Letter to the editor:: On gun control

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Well, more mass shootings this Labor Day Weekend 2021, as Miami Chief of Police asks Congress to do more about gun control, https://nypost.com/2021/05/30/miami-pd-chief-calls-for-tighter-gun-laws-after-concert-shooting/.

I think I can speak with some knowledge about guns and police since I served six years in the Air Force, four of which was a firearms instructor, and two as a Security Police Law Enforcement.  Make sure when someone tells you they were Security Police in the Air Force you ask them if they were Security Police or Law Enforcement there use to be quite a difference!  The LE do what most normal police do in the civilian world versus SP that guard resources.  Some...

Letter to the Editor: One man’s take on mass shootings

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The recent Fed-X shooting seems to be the current crisis for more gun control, who failed, the FBI, the local police, the local District Attorney, so much for the red flag law in that state.

If you really want to stop this then ban mental people from buying a gun! Police: FedEx shooter legally bought guns used in shooting - ABC News (go.com)  For years, people that tried to kill themselves, some with a gun, others stopped taking their medicine, or are heavy drug users.  I cannot count how many times we took people to the mental hospital in Las Vegas, N.M., or Albuquerque.

In some case these doctors would re-evaluate these folks and make us turn right around and bring them right back...

Letter to the editor: Raging against the government

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Well, I think it is time for another letter to the editor.

I know a little more than the average citizen about the law because of my many years in law enforcement and hope that other people who know more about the law than I, can correct me if I am wrong.

I do not claim to be a lawyer and these letters are opinions that everyone has, some being bigger than others, if you know what I mean!

Governor Grisham just signed a law that ends qualified immunity, New Mexico ends qualified immunity (msn.com).

So, does this mean she, too can be sued and brought to court for violating a person’s civil rights?  I mean it would only be fair with all of her past orders during Covid-19 that...


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Dear Editor:

Being retired from police work in the military and in the local community for more than 38+ years I have encountered several cases where the Federal Government Refused to prosecute gun cases that only they could file because it was not allowed under NM State law. I had a complaint from the family of one of my registered sex offenders who was carrying an AR-15 every[where] he went. The family told me the wife purchased it legally, but the ATF in Albuquerque refused to go after this guy, made sure it was in my report to protect the department. There were other cases same excuse, guns with silencers from down south, a couple from out of state with sawed of rifles or AR’s...

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