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Dylan Vargas Opens His Own Martial Arts Academy

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There’s a new home-grown business in Gallup, but with a name most residents will know well.

Miyamura High School freshman Dylan Vargas will be operating his own Martial Arts Academy, and training the students who come to him. The Second-degree black belt has been certified by the World Tae Kwan Do headquarters in...

Around and Around They Go!

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Over 200 racers competed Aug. 16-17 in the Webe (pronounced We-be) Racing Circuit’s first event in Gallup, and the overall reaction was a positive one for the OHV MX course in the Heaton Valley and for the city as well.

“It was a success for the first year on a new course,” said Webe Racing’s Hare Scramble organizer Brett Craig. “We had riders from a five-state area and we’ve put Gallup on our list for next year. Right now we are pretty sure we want to come back. Greg Kirk of Red Rock Motor Sports made this enjoyable for everyone.”

Webe holds nine races a year at seven locations in three states, and judging by the reactions of most of the riders, this...

The Art of the Schedule

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One of the most important, but usually overlooked, jobs in high school is the scheduling of games on the assigned nights. Not only do the Athletic Directors who perform these seemingly menial and vital tasks accomplish them in an artful manner, but coaches, fans, players, and spectators seldom appreciate the intricacies involved in this mind-boggling aspect of their work.

Most people think it is an easy job. They are wrong!

The A.D. must follow the regulations of the district their schools compete against, and also the rules of the state-wide governing body, the NM Activities Association. That can be a difficult situation, especially where the distance between the home...

The Art of Judo

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The martial arts all have a dual purpose in their practice, as defined in the very name. On one hand they may be used in both aggressive and defensive ways, but the movements are an art form, more closely related to dance than to fighting.

Sensei Miguel Garcia has been operating the Gallup Judo Club for the past three years, building up a clientele of interested students who are excelling at their own pace in the practice of this ancient form.

Located at 230 W. Coal, next to and upstairs from City Electric Shoe Shop, the normally quiet Club becomes a beehive of activity when the students show up for the next session. At every age, they congregate, don their gi’s for the...

World Series & More Golf at Fox Run

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What a great last week for baseball fans! The inaugural AABC Willie Mays (9-10 year-old division) Regional World Series in Gallup. Good ball playing by all eight teams, sparkling defense, awesome offense, and a lot of sportsmanship thrown into that mix.

As you may have already seen in the daily media, Las Cruces won the title with a 10-4 win over the Gallup Sun Devils, but there was more, much more for the fans that followed their young people in the three-day tournament, not all as described in the other journal.

Offensively, there was the power-bat of Steven Milam of Las Cruces, who cranked out five home runs – three from the right side and two from the left – to earn the...

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