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The Benefits of the Aging Athlete

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“The best thing about growing old is being able to watch someone else do all the work!” Anonymous.

That’s exactly the was I felt last Saturday during the Sixth Annual Four Corners Football Championship games. Although I did play sports, I never called myself an athlete, merely a player. But still the benefits...

Sixth Annual Four Corners Football Tournament

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The Sixth Annual Four Corners Youth Football Championships kicked off Oct. 29 with a Business After Hours for the Chamber of Commerce at the Sammy C. Chioda TDFL Field, featuring the season finale of Pee Wee Flag Football, Green Chile Cheeseburgers and giveaways.

The night of Oct. 30 is the Community Welcome for all the teams checking in and there will be food, games and entertainment for all at this Four Corner’s Fan Fest. The festivities start at 7 pm at the Mickey Mantle Park in Ford Canyon and everyone is invited to attend.

The tournament starts on Oct. 31 at 9 am with games and concessions at all six locations in town: the TDFL Field; Sports Complex; Mickey Mantle Park; Public...

Cumulative Stats Are the Best Determination

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A one-hit wonder is usually a reference to a musical group that only produces a single song that makes the top 100. In another context, one could say that the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, was also a one-hit wonder, though the recent publication of a sequel by the 90-something year old writer may convert it to a two-hit wonder.

In the sporting world, athletes who do not consistently perform at an expected level quickly find that their level, and usually their pay, drops off. That’s what cumulative statistics are all about, and why they are so important.

This column was going to be a season-closing cumulation of details in all the high school sports played in our four-school area...

Those Who Serve are Real Heroes

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I have always been grateful to people like Eric Taylor, Sammy Chioda, Greg Kirk, all of the Service Clubs, and many other individuals who serve as unpaid volunteers in the Gallup area. This includes game officials, who are paid very little for a very tough job, and many other groups that we don’t associate with sports or athletics: the Quilting ladies, Pantry volunteers, recycling proponents, and the like. The latter seldom get a mention until a more dramatic story develops, but they are vital to the community.

Taylor’s introduction as head coach of the Rehoboth Lady Lynx Coach this year is a prime example of someone who has raised the bar, not just for himself but for his players...

Theories of Coaching

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An Evolution of Thoughts

Theories, whether scientific or not, are merely ideas and opinions. They are not FACT! A fact is that which can be proven over and over again, even through different circumstances. For instance, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west in a pattern that may only change slightly depending on where you are on the planet. It may not rise directly to the east or set in a straight line to the west because of the changing locations of the rotation of earth, but the general fact remains true, regardless.

A theory is much different; every opinion a human can think about is little more than a theory, and opinions change according to the thoughts, wants...

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