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This Week in Sports

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Friday, Sept. 18

GHS FB @ Santa Fe, 7

MHS FB vs Grants, 7


WHS FB @ Espanola, 7

Saturday, Sept. 19

GHS BS vs Moriarty, 1

GHS GS vs Moriarty, 11

GHS VB @ Ramah, 1

GHS XC @ 4-Corners, Flagstaff, 8

MHS BS @ West Mesa, 2:15

MHS FB JV/C vs Kirtland JV/C, 11/1

MHS GS vs Del Norte (Ford Canyon), 11

MHS XC @...

Sport Schedule - Sept. 14 -18

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Monday, Sept.14

GHS FB JV vs Rio Rancho JV, 4

MHS BS JV @ Rehoboth JV, 4

MHS GS JV @ Rehoboth JV, 6

RCHS BS JV vs Miyamura JV, 4

RCHS GS JV vs Miyamura JV, 6


Tuesday, Sept. 15

GHS GS vs West Mesa, 4

GHS VB vs Shiprock, 4:30

MHS BS vs Rehoboth, 5

MHS VB vs Thoreau, 4:30

RCHS BS @ Miyamura, 5

RCHS GS vs Kirtland, Noon

RCHS VB @ Ramah, 4

WHS FB JV @ Laguna-Acoma, 4

Wednesday, Sept. 16

Gallup Mid FB @ JFK Mid, 5


Thursday, Sept. 17

GHS BS vs Bernalillo, 4

GHS GS vs Bernalillo, 6

GHS VB @ Navajo Prep, 4

MHS BS @ Belen, 4(JV)/6

MHS GS vs Navajo Prep, 5

MHS VB vs Wingate, 4:30

RCHS BS @ Bloomfield, 6

RCHS GS @ Bloomfield, 4

RCHS VB vs Zuni, 4

WHS VB @...

Back To School ... Sports Schedule! August 22 - 28

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August 22, 2015

GHS VB @ Grants (Scrimmage), 10

GHS XC  @ McGaffey Scrimmage, 9

MHS BS @ Aztec Tournament, TBA

MHS GS @ Aztec Tournament, TBA

MHS VB vs. Tohatchi/Newcomb (Scrimmage), TBA

MHS XC @ McGaffey Scrimmage, 9

RCHS GS @ Round Valley Scrimmage, Noon

RCHS VB @ Bloomfield Scrimmage, TBA

RCHS XC @ McGaffey Scrimmage, 9

WHS XC @ McGaffey Scrimmage, 9

August 25, 2015

GHS BS @ Rehoboth, 6

GHS GS @ Rehoboth, 4

MHS BS vs. Bloomfield, 6

MHS GS vs. Bloomfield, 4

MHS VB vs. Belen, 4:30

RCHS BS vs. Gallup, 6

RCHS GS vs. Gallup, 4

August 27, 2015

MHS BS @ Rehoboth, 6

MHS GS @ Rehoboth, 3

RCHS BS vs. Miyamura, 6

RCHS GS vs. Miyamura, 4

RCHS VB vs. Thoreau, 4


This Week in Sports

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Saturday, June 20

Willie Mays League

(Stafie Field)

6pm Giants vs White Sox

8pm Pirates vs Rangers

Monday, June 22

Rod Carew T-Ball

(T-Ball Field)

6pm Yankees vs. Rockies

7pm D-Backs vs. Tigers

8pm Cubs vs. Indians

Roberto Clemente League

(Indian Hills Field)

6pm Marlins vs. Dodgers

8pm Mets vs. Cardinals

U-8 Softball League

(Father Dunstan Park)

6pm Rockies at D-Backs

8pm Nationals at Padres

Willie Mays League

(Stafie Field)

6pm Nationals vs A’s

8pm Dodgers vs Rangers

PeeWee Reese League

(PeeWee Reese Field)

6pm Dodgers vs. Yankees

8pm Braves vs. A’s

U-12 Softball League

(FC Softball Field)

6pm Braves vs. Yankees

8pm Pirates vs. D-Backs

Sandy Koufax...

This Week in Sports

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June 13, 2015


(Indian Hills Park)

9am Cardinals vs. Yankees

11am Dodgers vs. Angels

1pm Indians vs. Twins


(Stafie Field)

9am Angels vs Pirates

11am Dodgers vs Nationals

1pm A’s vs Giants

3pm Rangers vs D-Backs


(F.C. Softball Field)

9am Yankees vs. Giants

11am Trojans vs. D-Backs

June 15, 2015


(T-Ball Park)

6pm Cardinals vs. Tigers

7pm Indians vs. Braves

8pm D-Backs vs. A’s


(Indian Hills Park)

6pm Marlins vs. Tigers

8pm Mets vs. Reds



6pm Angels at Giants

8pm Padres at D-Backs


(Stafie Field)


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