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Scrambled’ takes a humorous approach to a stressful subject

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Rating: 3 out of 4

Running Time: 97 minutesThis picture from Lionsgate opens exclusively at theaters in Albuquerque and other markets on Friday, Feb. 2.

For many, it is getting more and more difficult to have a baby. Having a busy life that includes juggling a career, finding the right partner, financial concerns and many...

‘Argylle’ is an amusing ride with a charming cast

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Rating: ««

out of ««««

Running Time: 139 minutes


This film from Universal Pictures and Apple Original Films will debut in theaters on Friday, Feb. 2. It will also be released on Apple TV+ at an undetermined date in the future.

Director Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to spy movies, having previously directed the excellent 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service and its, well, less-effective follow-ups. His latest is Argylle, another feature involving secret agents.

While the other pictures in his previous series have always included a strong dose of humor, this effort veers even further in an over-the-top comedic course. As it turns out, it’s a wise decision. While the...

Bluray/DVD Roundup for January 26, 2024

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Welcome to another look at highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. This edition includes some animated fare, a war film and a thriller too, as well as plenty of exciting reissues. So, if you can’t make it out to the movies this week or need to stay indoors for a few days, be sure to check one of these titles out!


JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS – PART 1: DC superhero enthusiasts can now watch the first part in this animated three-movie series. It begins with a character known as the Monitor (who oversees the DC Multiverse) sending a message out to heroes in numerous universes saying he needs their help. A sinister figure is destroying various worlds...

‘Masters of the Air’ doesn’t soar as high as its predecessors

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Rating: ««

out of ««««

Running Time: 60 minutes per episode (roughly)

The first two episodes of this nine-part Apple TV+ limited series debuts on Friday, Jan. 26, with a new chapter arriving each week thereafter.

Those up on their World War II history will recognize the 100th Bomb Group or “Bloody” 100th Bomb Group as a group of American pilots stationed near Norfolk, England who flew some of the most dangerous bombing missions during the lengthy conflict. Their story earned the attention of Band of Brothers and The Pacific executive producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who have now produced a new series based on the team’s exploits. Masters of the Air is...

'I.S.S.' rushes the plot along before audience gets to know the characters

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Rating: 2.5 out of 4

Running Time: 95 minutes


This film from Bleecker Street Media will be playing exclusively at theaters on Friday, Jan. 19.

Since its launch more than 25 years ago, the International Space Station has been visited by astronauts from around the world and used for various scientific studies and other educational purposes. There have been numerous books on this and other orbiting stations chronicling the incredible challenges and difficulties faced by crewmembers … so many tales that it is surprising a narrative film hasn’t been made on the subject. I.S.S. is indeed a film about such a space station, but a fictional account that ultimately falls into genre film...

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