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Man reportedly hit a young girl, threatened a witness with a gun

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A man was arrested after he allegedly hit a young girl outside of a local gift shop and threatened the store owner with a gun.

On June 23, around 1:14 pm, Gallup Police Officer Darius Johnson was dispatched to 1506 S. Second St., Crazy Joe’s Store, because a man reportedly had a handgun.

When he arrived at the scene...

Woman charged with child abandonment for driving drunk with a child

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Gallup Officer Jarad Albert was parked in his patrol car near Ellis Tanner Trading Company, 1980 State Hwy. 602, about 7:11 pm on June 22 when a witness approached him and reported a drunk driver.

The witness said the driver was heading northbound into town, and that the vehicle was a silver car with heavy damage to the passenger side. He said the car almost hit him, and that the woman driving tried to hide her face as she drove away.

Albert started looking for this alleged drunk driver, and while he was driving past Speedway South, 1730 S. Second St., he noticed a car that matched the description parked at one of the gas pumps. He met Kayla Brown, 27, who he noticed had bloodshot...


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Featured DWI

Artencio Lynch

May 11, 11:42 pm

Aggravated DWI (Fourth)

Failure to use turn signals led to a Gallup man, Artencio Lynch, 36, being pulled over and arrested for his fourth DWI.

Gallup Officer Julio Yazzie was on saturation patrol near South Second Street and Nizhoni Boulevard when he saw a brown Kia Spectra driving southbound looking ready to pull off into the Family Dollar east of the road. However, the vehicle did not use its turn signal as it merged into the left lane, stopped momentarily, and then merged back into the right lane without signaling.

Yazzie followed the vehicle as it continued south on Second Street across the Highway 602 intersection and...

Tuba City man sentenced to 240 months for sexual abuse of children

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PHOENIX – Last week, Ralph Yellow, 78, of Tuba City, Ariz., was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Diane J. Humetewa to 240 months in prison, followed by lifetime supervised release. Yellow previously pleaded guilty to one count of Abusive Sexual Contact with a Child.

Yellow admitted that in 2012 or 2013, he knowingly engaged in sexual contact with a six-year-old child. The evidence also showed that Yellow engaged in sexual acts with other children for decades. The crimes took place on the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation, where Yellow is an enrolled tribal member.

The FBI, Navajo Nation Department of Criminal Investigations, and Gallup Police Department conducted the investigation in...

Phoenix man charged with aggravated battery, sexual assault

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A Phoenix man faces multiple charges after he was found in a motel room with a woman who claimed that he had sexually abused her.

On June 16, Gallup Police Officer Aaron Marquez was dispatched to Motel 6, 3306 W. Hwy. 66 because of a domestic dispute. The motel manager had called the police after getting a call from Room 236. The manager said a female had called the front desk, and that she’d seemed intoxicated and wanted someone removed from the room.

When Marquez initially knocked on the door, there was no response. After he knocked a few more times, a man who was later identified as Brandon Joe, 30, from Phoenix, Ariz., answered the door in boxers. Because the call was about a...

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