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MLK Day event Jan. 17

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World’s best rum balls recipe!

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All right everyone, time to gather around the kitchen table!

I’m about to unveil a sure-fire recipe for the world’s finest rum balls. If you follow this recipe closely, and have been very good this year, these delicious, delightful confections will melt in your mouth. They will ignite your taste buds and bring about the holiday spirit, and possibly the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future, and a new spirit named Bacardi, who occasionally appears from a bottle after several rum balls are consumed!

Along with a spirited desire to make the best rum balls, you need a strong pitching arm for mixing the heavenly concoction with a fork and rolling the...

Red or Green? New Mexico Christmas Chile

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Chile brings Christmas to New Mexico all year LONG

They say Christmas comes but once a year, but some New Mexico residents enjoy Christmas all year long. While most people will choose either red or green chile when enjoying their favorite, flavor-filled dish, some instead choose Christmas, smothering the dish in a mixture of the two.

Finding a dish New Mexicans are unwilling to put chile on would prove difficult. Eric Peña, the manager of Grandpa’s Grill, thinks about any food can be made more flavorful with a bit of chile.

“People put chili on everything, whether it’s burritos, burgers, eggs, or even mashed potatoes at the Thanksgiving table,” he said.

New Mexico’s...

Season’s Greetings from the kitchen of Sen. George Muñoz

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On behalf of my family, we wish you and yours a merry holiday season and New Year. We know that the hardships of 2020 have continued for many throughout 2021. In this season, we hope you find peace for 2022 and comfort from those that bring joy to you and yours.

As we move forward into the new year, New Mexico and our communities have the opportunity to harness the possibilities of potential and create an even more vibrant and thriving state while maintaining our deep, rich cultures. We will find time to discuss how we continue to combat the continued effects of the pandemic, diversifying our economy, retaining industries that drive our state, and capitalizing on investments that...

County attorney makes cheese houses for Christmas

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Through the years, our family has adapted traditional Christmas and New Year traditions.  They slowly change with the changes in our family.

One Christmas tradition we have is to make Gingerbread Houses.  That was always fun, but after Christmas we still had ruins that we had to toss out before they got put on an historical preservation list.

One New Year tradition we have is to make Cheese Balls for our celebration … always tasty and quick to disappear.

Several years ago as we were watching a cooking show where the chef showed how to combine the two traditions:  A cheese house complete with decorations.  Wow, what an adaptation.  The first year we made this, we...

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