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Navigating retirement's risky terrain

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Retirement, often painted as the serene, golden phase of life, is not without its challenges. Just as a hiker faces unexpected terrains, the journey into and through retirement can be fraught with unexpected obstacles. These challenges range from financial setbacks to emotional hurdles, and for many, the path to retirement...

Spooky word origins that go ‘bump’ in the night

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It’s scary how early I get excited about PSL season. Of course, I’m talking about punctuation, syntax and language! Add an extra pump of grammar to mine.

We all know about the origin of the word “Halloween,” but what do we know about the etymologies of other spooky season sayings? Today we’ll explore these ominous origins.

The word "haunt" comes from the Old English word "hamettan," which means "to bring home." This suggests that the original meaning of "haunt" was to visit a place so frequently that you might as well live there. For instance, I like to haunt my local coffee shop.

“Haunt” in a ghostly sense developed in the 14th century. This is probably because people...

Should I trust my retirement fund to an insurance company?

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Annuity companies are among the safest places to trust retirement funds. They are subject to various regulations and safeguards to protect the company and its customers. Annuities are financial products offered by insurance companies, which are known for their long-standing stability and focus on risk management.

In terms of regulation, insurance companies are regulated primarily at the state level in the U.S. Each state has its own insurance department responsible for overseeing insurance companies operating within its jurisdiction. These departments set rules, approve products, and monitor the financial health of companies.

The State Department of Insurance plays a crucial role in...

Merriam-Webster adds 690 new words to an already long book

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The folks at Merriam-Webster have been hard at work, keeping the dictionary relevant for a new generation of vibrant verbophiles. The new class of 690 words promises to keep M-W a real page-turner.


As you can see, the English language is alive and well, as its words, phrases and meanings continue to evolve. Allow me to introduce to you a few words from the class of 2023.


Doomscroll: to spend endless time scrolling on your phone. I’m an expert doomscroller, seamlessly switching between Instagram, Facebook and Reddit. While the youngsters prefer TikTok, I prefer to watch reposted TikTok videos on Instagram.


Beast mode: in sports, going “beast mode” is to take over...

Better grammar, better love life

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It’s true — people with better spelling and grammar get more dates.


I regularly receive emails from readers asking me about the death of spelling and grammar, especially concerning the rise of generative AI. They fear writing skills are on the endangered species list as our lives become increasingly dependent on technology.


Never fear because you need good grammar and spelling to procreate (or at least get a date). But is this true across the board? Not so fast.


In a 2022 ProWritingAid study of over 12,000 online daters from the U.S. and the UK, 63% of women surveyed and 53% of men said good grammar was important to them for “swiping right” (finding someone...

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