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Corn farmer analogy

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Pretend you are a corn farmer, and it is time to sow your seeds.

It’s spring, and it’s time to plant seed corn for the yearly crop. The government shows up and offers you a proposition: You can pay taxes now at a meager rate on just the seed corn, or you can wait until the harvest and pay taxes on the full harvest, all...

What if you DID have a crystal ball?

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Can you use a crystal ball to look forward?

Ever wonder how different your life might be if you had made the suitable investment at the right time? How many cars would you own?  No college loans for your children.   Retirement would be those wonderful “golden” years.

What if you knew in advance when the stock market was going to drop, and you had time to move your money from risk to safety? Your money could only increase and never be exposed to losses. What if you had a mechanism that would do that for you automatically?    Would you feel more confident about your future financial health?

Think of your money like a safe; when the stock market drops, your funds jump into the...

Who gets your annuity if you die?

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If you buy an annuity and die, the insurance company keeps your money! We have all seen and heard that broad statement. Is it true?


Here is a secret about insurance companies that puts everything in perspective. Insurance companies do not make decisions based on individuals; they make decisions based on a large pool of people.

Their tool? The Commissioners Standard Ordinary Mortality Table. The statistical table allows insurance companies to know precisely how many people in a specific age group will die nationally. It is not a guess, and it is pure science.

This table is so important because it allows insurance companies to set rates for calculating retirement benefits for...

Inflation Reduction Act raises more revenue for N.M. schools

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The Land of Enchantment’s natural resources are invaluable to New Mexicans. From the rivers and streams, to the forests and valleys, there is much to treasure, appreciate, and protect from a changing climate. Thankfully, with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, our air, land, and water  – together with thousands of New Mexico’s children and families – will receive sweeping investments to help protect what we hold dear.

There is plenty to celebrate in this landmark legislation. The Investment Reduction Act will reduce pollution and help cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. It will improve clean transit, make clean energy more affordable and accessible, and strengthen...

Asset protection or asset speculation, which should you choose?

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A broad definition of “safe money” is money you can’t afford to lose. Safe Money tells us one thing is true when it comes to those approaching or in retirement. In the old fable, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

As Baby Boomers grapple with the forces of time, one thing rings more accurate than ever in today’s volatile markets. The need to formulate a plan centered around Asset Preservation vs. Asset Speculation.

Early in our working careers, the name of the game is finding a good income and working hard to save every extra dollar we can salt away for retirement. Accumulation potential and risks are hallmarks of growing money. The difference is the time we have to...

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