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IHS awards $24 million to expand, modernize small ambulatory health care facilities

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The Indian Health Service announced $24 million in funding to 12 tribes and tribal organizations on Feb. 20 as part of a competitive Small Ambulatory Program to invest in the construction, expansion or modernization of small ambulatory health care facilities.

“The IHS Small Ambulatory Program supports our tribal partners...

Democratic Party of New Mexico urges support for NM Voting Rights Act

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ALBUQUERQUE – The New Mexico House of Representatives passed the New Mexico Voting Rights Act (HB 4) on Feb. 21. The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement about House Bill 4:

“Protecting our fundamental right to vote is one of our core tenets as Democrats, which is why the Democratic Party of New Mexico is thrilled that New Mexico House Democrats passed the New Mexico Voting Rights Act. Democracy can only be as effective as we allow it, which is why this multifaceted bill is a historic step forward for voting access and security throughout New Mexico. Democrats are minimizing the hurdles people must endure to make their voices heard, empowering more New...

Six questions to ask your retirement professional

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Preparing for a first meeting with a retirement professional can be intimidating, especially if you are a new or prospective client. The adviser will get the conversation going and ensure it is directed in the right way to have a good understanding of your financial situation and goals for the future to create an effective retirement strategy. To help you build the best approach, here are six questions that your financial adviser should be asking:

1. What? Your adviser should understand what assets you own and what debt you are carrying. It is also important to discuss how you are managing your debt regarding retirement planning. This is especially true if you still have a mortgage...

The best of both worlds

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Our family bought a minivan last year. With child number three on the way, we needed more room for car seats and Cheerio dust. While some people hesitate to get on board with the idea of buying a minivan, I was all about it.

My wife and I looked into hybrid minivans to save money on gasoline. Unfortunately, the hybrid van life was too rich for our blood, so we opted for a traditional gas-guzzler. Our kids named the new-to-us gray minivan “Delfín,” Spanish for “dolphin.”

Hybrid electric vehicles operate through the combination of an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors, utilizing energy stored in batteries. Hybrid words (also called hybridisms) combine...

Final education bills introduced, update on school boards bill

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Dear Editor,

Our education reform agenda now includes six bills! Here are descriptions of the final two that were introduced the week of Feb. 13, as well as an update on our bill to reform school boards, which received a strong endorsement from the Santa Fe New Mexician and passed its first committee by 7-1 on Feb. 18.


Over the past decade, the number of people completing traditional teacher training programs at New Mexico’s colleges of education have fallen by 75%. Graduates of New Mexico’s colleges of education report that the programs too often emphasize abstract theory over the practical, skills-based learning that is most valuable to...

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