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Governor: low-income cancer patients, survivors need continued access to meaningful health insurance

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The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) sent a letter to Governor Susana Martinez today expressing concerns that proposed changes to federal financing of the Medicaid program currently being discussed in Congress could impact cancer patients and survivors in New Mexico who depend on the program for their...

Gallup Sun Editorial: How could this happen?

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Like other taxpaying citizens, we at the Gallup Sun have been appalled in 2016 by the actions of the Gallup-McKinley County Schools Board of Education. Putting Superintendent Frank Chiapetti on paid administrative leave last week was something everybody this side of Santa Fe saw coming a long time ago.

But why do it at Tse Yi Gai High School in Pueblo Pintado and out of eyesight from folks who would have otherwise attended the school board meeting?

Now, folks with students attending McKinley County schools are watching to see where the situation goes from here: Will there be some concessions offered by either side? Is the situation really a done deal? Was racism involved in the...

New Mexico’s economic policy is counter-productive

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I concur with two points from D. Dowd Muska’s [NMPolitics.net] recent opinion piece.

One: “It’s certainly true that by themselves, lower individual and corporate taxes have not generated much job- and wealth-creation in New Mexico.” Yep.

Two: New Mexico is in a “dire fiscal condition.” Or, more simply put, our state’s economy is in the tank.

Under Governor Martinez’s watch, our state has developed a deficit of hundreds of millions, we’ve spent all of our savings — which led Wall Street to lower our bond rating — and we’re ranked the worst-run state in the country (again). Governor Martinez’s economic policy — rooted in the decades-old ideology of “tax...

Financial literacy essential for business owners

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Business owners don’t need a degree in accounting, but they do need to know how to read basic financial statements and when to ask the accountants who prepare them to explain what they don’t understand.

No one wants to be like the business owner who believed she was making a profit because her checkbook had a positive balance. But even business owners who diligently record financial transactions using basic accounting software don’t always comprehend the reports their CPA generates based on these records.

That means they’re not using the expertise they pay for, and they’re not using the numbers as tools to build their business.

The three financial reports every business...

Hospitality disrupter eyed for state, local revenue

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AirBnb is not just another billion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up, although with a market value estimated at $30 billion, the company certainly qualifies. No, AirBnB is a disrupter, a company that has caused a fundamental change in the hospitality industry. And like any change, this one has produced winners and losers.

The winners include almost 3,500 people across New Mexico who have turned their spare bedrooms — and second homes — into a source of income. In Santa Fe, for example, there are nearly 1,000 people renting space. In Angel Fire, the average rental is more than $350 per night.

The losers include the tax coffers of the state and local governments that collect a...

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