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Six annuity misconceptions you need to know

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Annuities often come up as a topic of discussion when considering retirement savings. Yet, misconceptions abound, possibly causing unnecessary hesitation for potential investors. Here’s a deeper dive into the most common misconceptions surrounding annuities:

1. High costs associated with annuities: Not all annuities are...

A Festivus airing of grammar grievances

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I do my best to put a positive spin on grammar. After all, having a solid grasp of the English language can help you get ahead in life. I’ll take that truth to my grave.

However, I occasionally receive visits in the night from holiday hoodlums. In fact, just the other night, I recorded this conversation between the Grammar Grinch and Syntax Scrooge. These guys are the Statler and Waldorf of word nerdery. I recorded them airing their grammar grievances. Frank Costanza would be proud.

Scrooge: I can’t believe people still add apostrophes on their holiday cards. “Season’s Greetings from the Miller’s?!” The Miller’s what? The Miller’s dog? Never add an apostrophe to your...

Is time really on your side when planning for retirement?

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Make a plan with these five factors in mind

The iconic song lyric “Time is on your side” might not resonate the same when you’re thinking about retirement. As retirement nears, one of the most pressing concerns is, “How much monthly income will I need?” While in your working years, paychecks fuel your lifestyle, but those constant streams may dwindle come retirement. Fact: Living off Social Security alone isn’t viable for most couples, and most people lack a guaranteed pension.

So, how does one ensure a comfortable retirement? Let’s break it down.

1. Mortgage – The Monthly Mammoth Mortgages often consume the most significant chunk of your income. Did you know that...

Why New Mexico students need more time in school

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There is a lot I’ve been seeing in the news lately about a new rule that is being proposed by the New Mexico Public Education Department that would establish the standard minimum school year is 180 days for all schools.  I want to be clear about something, this is an update of an existing rule that established the 180-day minimum standard for schools with five days per week calendars in 2011-2012.

This rule was not strictly enforced in recent years due to the pandemic, so some schools have dropped their instructional days below 180.  In addition, this rule now applies to districts that operate on a calendar of four days per week.  This will be a big change for them, and we...

Letter to the Editor: We’ve been hearing doomsday climate predictions for 50 years

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Dear Editor,

Where did this global warming madness start? We live in the most energy impoverished region in the nation yet power plants are being shut down?! Insane EV mandates?! Here is the hidden history which conflicts with the current dogma. The Marxian left avoids this embarrassing reality like a red MAGA hat.

SAVE THE CAMELS?? Did you know it wasn’t global warming that generated our $5 trillion climate crisis industry? Nope, the opposite.

An early 1970s Brown University letter to President Richard Nixon from two geologists/ greenhorn climatologists warned of global cooling, an impending ice age, and glacial temperatures in one century bringing “substantially lowered food...

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