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Battered Families Services responds to county, news source

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Dear Editor,

A news source recently reported views expressed by the McKinley County Commission and staff regarding Battered Families Services, Inc.   It would be preferable, of course, for any misunderstandings or conflicting issues to be resolved in private before public statements are made, but BFS has now been publicly...

Proactive retirement planning for women

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Retirement planning can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially for women. Women face unique retirement challenges, such as caretaking responsibilities and lower average savings rates than men. However, with proactive planning, women can make retirement a time of financial security and well-being. Let’s look at women’s obstacles in retirement planning and discuss strategies to help them prepare for retirement.


Women may face several obstacles in their retirement planning journey. One of these is taking on caretaking responsibilities that can make it challenging to save for retirement or even continue to work in general. In...

In praise of librocubicularianism

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I’m a proud librocubicularist. As much as you probably want this to mean I’m starting a new political party of which I will be its presidential candidate, alas, this isn’t the case. The Word Nerd party would be a better name, although “librocubicularist” is my current favorite sesquipedalian word.

To be a librocubicularist is to be someone who reads in bed. I love reading in bed. After the kids are asleep and I’m winding down for the day, I read for about 20–30 minutes. And, for me, it has to be fiction.

You see, I used to read non-fiction books about ways to help right the wrongs of the world, or about problems of injustice. While these books are definitely important...

Two New Mexico students named 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars

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U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona announced May 10 the 59th class of U.S. Presidential Scholars, recognizing 161 high school seniors for their accomplishments in academics, the arts, and career and technical education fields.

The New Mexico scholars are:

Brian L. Han, Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos

Emma Elizabeth Clayton, The ASK Academy, Rio Rancho

“U.S. Presidential Scholars have always represented the future of our country and the bright promise it holds.  I want each of these remarkable students to know: your passion and intellect, pursuit of excellence, and spirit of service are exactly what our country needs,” Cardona said.

Cardona applauded the...

What is a beneficiary?

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A beneficiary is a person or entity who receives the benefits of a financial account, insurance policy, or estate plan in the event of the account owner’s death.

For example, if you have a life insurance policy, you would name a beneficiary to receive the proceeds of the policy if you were to pass away. Similarly, if you have a retirement account, you would name a beneficiary to receive the funds in the account after your death.

Beneficiaries can be individuals, such as family members or friends, or they can be entities, such as a charity or a trust. It’s important to ensure that your beneficiary designations are up to date and reflect your wishes to ensure that your assets are...

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