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Moments in Time

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• On Feb. 5, 1922, DeWitt and Lila Wallace self-published and marketed the first Reader’s Digest magazine, designed to provide abridged articles on a wide variety of subjects for easy reading. It eventually gained a circulation of more than 10 million copies in the U.S. and is still believed to be the best-selling...

Study indicates bad grammar wigs us out

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It’s science — hearing bad grammar raises our stress levels. I always knew this implicitly, but a recent study from the University of Birmingham shows this explicitly.

In a small sample of 41 British English-speaking adults, researchers played speech samples to the subjects, half of which featured grammatical errors. The subjects, connected to heart rate monitors, showed a decrease in heart rate variability and an increase in heart rate. These two indicators reveal stress in the nervous system — a fight-or-flight response to egregious grammatical gaffes.

I’ve always maintained that good grammar makes your life better regarding career and relationship success, but now I’m...

Senate Democrats host briefing on abortion rights

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Discussion held ahead of Roe v. Wade anniversary

WASHINGTON D.C. — U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, D-N.M.,  joined U.S. Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Senate Democrats to host a briefing on the state of abortion rights in America, the chaos and cruelty of the abortion bans that have been enacted in Republican-led states since Roe was overturned, and the need to pass legislation to restore the right to abortion nationwide. The briefing was held during the week of Jan. 15.

At the briefing, 19 Senate Democrats heard from and asked questions of panelists Dr. Austin Dennard, a Texas OB/GYN and patient plaintiff in the Zurawski v. Texas case who was forced to leave her state for...

The essence of life insurance

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Life insurance, often misunderstood, is essentially a safety net for life’s unforeseen events. It’s a contract where you pay regular premiums to an insurance company, and in return, they provide financial support to your family if you pass away. This pact ensures your family’s financial stability in your absence, cushioning them against the economic impact of loss.


Life insurance comes in various forms, each designed for different life stages and needs:

Term Life Insurance: This type provides coverage for a specific period, like 10, 20, or 30 years. It’s ideal for those seeking affordable, straightforward coverage without a lifelong...

Cleaner fuels legislation would spark economic growth for New Mexico

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By Robin Vercruse, Executive Director of the Low Carbon Fuels Coalition and Amy Brown, COO of Adelante Consulting, Inc.

New Mexico has worked hard over the past decade to diversify its economy and become a leader in renewable technologies that are catching on in other states. The legislature passed the Energy Transition Act, which sets renewable energy targets for our utilities. The energy sector has already begun to transition away from polluting coal to wind, solar and geothermal energy plants.

New Mexico is becoming a dynamic location for renewable technologies. For example, Maxeon Solar selected Albuquerque as its site for 3-Gigawatt solar cell and panel manufacturing facility...

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