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Saturday, May 18th

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School is out for Spring Break, but games continue

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The old saying, ‘no rest for the weary’ might well apply to high school kids everywhere, who are given a certain amount of time off from their studies, twice each year, only to find the more athletic ones remain tied to schedules for their sports and activities, regardless.

Such is the hard life for the overactive!

It’s not all bad, though. The Rehoboth boys’ baseball team earned their first victory on March 16 ever in a fledgling program and most other athletes spent their time off from school in a productive manner as well, at least physically. Yes I know that the Lynx win was during a week when school was in session, but it still counts in my book and in my backwards calendar under which the Gallup Sun  operates.

Tomorrow, March 26, Gallup High will host the Route 66 Classic Track and Field Meet at the Public Scvhool Stadium. That day-long event – involving a lot of local schools – is exciting to watch as the boys and girls run, jump, and heave weighted objects to attempt a win in their specialty.

Maybe I’ll see you in the bleachers!

By Tom Hartsock

Sun Correspondent