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Monday, Oct 02nd

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Letter to editor

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Dear Editor,

In reading you last edition of the Sun, and other papers I might add, the article on Marijuana, and the poll disturbs me.

Besides the fact that I am an un-believer in the benefits, the poll is what disturbs me the most. It says 61% in favor. Well 61% of 400 people is not worth printing.

I have been taught for many years that when doing surveys, and polls, 10% is the bare minimum, and the higher percentage you obtain, the more credible your survey or poll becomes.

This poll is very misleading, and I would guess that if an accurate poll was done, with 10% of the population of New mexico for instance, you would have a far different outcome.

I see many polls done in downtown gallup, that reflect the thoughts of that specific demographic of people that frequent downtown, but if the poll were to be done outside of a 5 block area, again I believe those results would show a lot different outcome.

Bottom line, I would suggest that if you are going to print polls from other sources, print some that are most likely to be correct.

Dudley Byerley,

Gallup, NM