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UNM Athletic Director talks sports with Gallup Lobo fans

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University of New Mexico Athletic Director Paul Krebs spoke about the college’s current state of athletics to the Gallup Rotary Club at Sammy C’s Sept. 23.

He touched on NCAA government structure, and the more controversial topic of Fantasy Football, which reportedly markets toward college-age males. The NCAA governs college sports and defines Fantasy Football as gambling. If a student-athlete is caught playing the popular game, the penalties are harsh and could result in a suspension or ban from playing college sports.

Meanwhile, Krebs expressed confidence about UNM having a voice on the NCAA Board of Directors. Kendall Spencer, a UNM long jump champion, has become the first student to sit on the board in the history of the organization.

“We are well represented on the council,” Krebs said.

Krebs also spoke about how the college struggles to find its edge on the football field in a sport where losing one game can edge a team out that’s “in the hunt for the playoffs.”

“We have to get our football better,” he said.

This includes garnering more fan support. He said that attendance at games was down 6 percent, so the college is exploring some marketing methods to draw in spectators, including UNM students.

Also, Krebs said the college has “ramped up our academics” and has a study center for athletics, full time nutritionist and clinical psychologist on staff.

Krebs touched on more topics, giving fans and Rotarians a tour-like rundown of what’s happening in UNM college sports.