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Southern Plains State Regional a success

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The 2015 Southern Plains State Regional in Gallup last weekend finished up on Saturday with just a problem or two, but overall it was a success.

One of the problems was the seasonal rain (I refuse to call it a monsoon, since I know the real meaning of the word) on Thursday. Kudos and lots of thanks to the City Parks’ workers for jumping on the problem early and doing a great job in preparing the fields for more action. Well, there was a two-hour delay in the morning and another delay in the afternoon, but putting an hour and 45 minute time limit on the games took care of the rest of that problem and the first round was done by about 9:30.

The only other problem was caused by one of the coaches. After his team was beaten by two runs on Friday night – the opposing pitcher had 14 strikeouts in the seven-inning game and his only female teammate blasted a solo homerun – the team drew the Gallup Mud Hens in the semi-finals and were blasted 17-4. Before that last game happened, the coach sent two of his assistants to the score booth to claim that the outstanding young pitcher was ineligible because of an inning he had pitched previously.

A solid look at the scorebooks found this NOT to be the case, but the proof had to be reiterated Saturday morning under threat of a protest. The knowledgeable scorekeeper convinced them of his correctness quickly and the result was the final game listed above.

About a 45-minute break between games set up the championship with the Mud Cats being the only undefeated team remaining. Had they lost Saturday, an ‘if’ game on Sunday would have decided the champion. The Mud Hens decided not to let the tournament contine and shut out the challenger, 6-0.

I did mention that it was the GALLUP Mud Hens who won, right? This is actually the same team that came in second last year as the Rangers, but still traveled to Puerto Rico for the National Tournament. Now they get another chance to travel back to P.R. again, but this time on their own merits and with all 12-year olds. The results should be much better for the local boys this time.

Congratulations, Mud Hens, for a great tournament and Good Luck in August when you get to Puerto Rico!

Last week’s edition of the Gallup Sun did not have a picture of the Sandy Koufax City Champions, the Yankees. Leandro Griego sent in a picture of the team after deadline though, and it is included on this page. That’s what happens with delays in the news cycle!

All quiet this weekend, but the Willie Mays (9-10 year olds) World Series begins play on July 23 and will continue until July 25.

After that, I hope to have pictures and a story or two from the Adult Softball Leagues to fill the pages. At least until the new school schedules are released. Until the, I’ll see you in the bleachers for the Willie Mays World Series or at the Sports Complex, then we’ll talk.