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Friday, Jun 14th

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To the editor:

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What I could not of would not see before, I see now. Alcohol will never be banned in our drunk city. I am all-one in publicly advocating for the banning of alcohol in McKinley County and the reservation. Zero incumbents or contenders, Indian or non-Indian are for the banning of alcohol. The overwhelming majority of voters and non-voters, Indian and non-Indian are for keeping alcohol legal. Bring on the money and to hell with death and destruction. I finally throw in the towel. I am beaten.

In 1980, at age 45, after 32 years of drinking, I finally quit cold. Too late. Alcohol cost me my first wife and my children. In my guilt and desire to keep others from suffering from what I still suffer from, I lost sight of the fact that they would not listen to me.

I have been told in 3 letters to the editor to mind my own business, that I am a dry drunk and that collateral damage is part of the territory.

The officials and the alcohol dealers never once responded to my attempts to get alcohol banned in drunk city and the reservation.  They knew, what I didn’t know: that I was doomed to failure. I will never again advocate for the banning of alcohol in drunk city or the reservation.

Drinkers: help yourselves by quitting drinking now. The hypocrite people that we blindly continue to elect will not help you by banning alcohol in drunk city or the “dry” reservation. You are on your own.

Louis Maldonado

(505) 905-5939(505) 905-5939