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Parent unhappy with principal switcheroo

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To the Gallup McKinley School Board:

It has come to our attention that you have recently made and are making huge changes in staffing some of the schools. We realize that some of these changes may be necessary or for the good of the schools, however we are unable to see the benefits of changes being made at and affecting Roosevelt Elementary.

As parents and grandparents of students at Roosevelt Elementary we are disappointed and very upset with some of the changes you are making. We are a tiny school compared to most in the district and we realize that Roosevelt Elementary will eventually be dissolved in another few years but it is a very family oriented school and we would like to keep it that way for the remainder of the schools existence.

The staff is wonderful with our children. We have only had Ms. Arthur for eighteen months but in that time she has come to know each child by name, she knows many of the family members attached to the children and she has been very active in supporting the staff and students. She has done a brilliant job with finding ways to stretch the limited funds provided so that the teachers can have adequate supplies to use in instructing our children.

When you come in and make changes to a school that has such close bonds you cause a damaging ripple effect. First the whole staff has to to take extra time away from their students as well as their personal life to build new relationships and figure out new personality dynamics. Second, most of the students here at Roosevelt have been coming to this school since preschool. They are familiar and comfortable with the staff. And because Ms. Arthur has dedicated herself to her position at Roosevelt, our children trust her and the staff. Many of the students have a hard time with change and have difficulty trusting others. The whole staff at Roosevelt has worked hard to build a safe, nurturing environment for our children. Third, it affects our families as a whole. Those of us who have children with trust issues or difficulty with change will have a much harder time adjusting when the school year starts. They will be missing people they have already built a connection with and will have to have to start from scratch in building relationships and trust.

We are asking that you let us keep Ms. Arthur and all current staff at Roosevelt Elementary. We would like the school to maintain its closeness among staff, family and students, and for our children to look forward to coming back in the fall to a principal and staff that they know and trust.


Bathia Ose

Gallup, NM