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Letter to the Editor: Ad misrepresented legislative bills

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Dear Editor,

I recently read the advertisement in the Gallup Sun by Entragallup. The ad offered “explanations” for some HBs and SBs that are/were being voted on. The ad writers decided that these bills were about taking away parental rights and I felt so disgusted by how well this ad misrepresented the purpose of any of these bills that I felt the need to respond. It was so inhumane and tone deaf I honestly thought the ad might be a spoof at first.

Their opposition of HB7, SB 13 and SB397, bills that seek to protect children in vulnerable positions, being explained by the idea that a parent has the right to force their child to give birth in a town where adults who plan to have children have to drive a hour to do so safely and the idea that a parent could force their child to live in a body that hurts them in a town where children being airlifted to Albuquerque is the norm is almost laughable if it wasn’t absolutely ghoulish. We live in a healthcare desert and adding healthcare centers to schools is meant to help address this need.

The ad also “warned” about HB4 pushing their idea that “felons” shouldn’t vote. I can’t stand behind the idea that a person who has served their time and is back in the community somehow doesn’t deserve the right to be represented in their government. What was the purpose of going to prison?

If people serve their time and we then ostracize them from society, then we have no hope for rehabilitation.  The idea that being automatically registered to vote at 18 is somehow harmful? If you truly believe one person has the right to one vote then why would codifying these rights be detrimental to anyone?

I don’t believe this ad was written with our community in mind. I feel that it was meant to cause discord and confusion. The fact that the author isn’t even included tells me as a reader that the information presented was untrustworthy.

I implore readers to approach all information with discernment in this next year and to avoid taking ads at face value especially when the advertiser themselves won’t attach their name to it.

Fatima Saleck
A concerned Gallup citizen