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‘Let me smoke first’

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Man lights up in front of officer

A Gallup man tried to smoke some meth in front of a police officer before he was arrested on drug charges.

On May 8, around 8 pm, Gallup Police Officer Aaron Marquez drove to the Desert Rose Trailer Park (2500 E. Aztec Ave.) after a woman called Metro Dispatch and said that a man who was later identified as William Skeet, was walking around her home. The woman called multiple times saying that Skeet was knocking on her door.

The woman said the man had long hair, and that he was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. She also noted that he’d been traveling on foot.  When Marquez initially checked the area, he could not find a man who matched that description, and the woman didn’t want to meet with officers.

Marquez left the scene, but the woman called Metro Dispatch again and said Skeet was back. The woman said she was now willing to meet with officers. As Marquez was driving back up to the mobile home, the woman came out and pointed at a man across the street.

The man, who was identified as Skeet, 32, was walking west bound on Aztec Avenue. As Marquez was approaching Skeet, Metro Dispatch informed him that the man had a warrant out for his arrest regarding a sexual abuse case.

According to Marquez’s report, Skeet appeared to be jittery, and he was grinding his teeth. Skeet initially told Marquez that his name was “Standoff Gasing.” He also gave a false Social Security number, changing it multiple times.

Marquez asked Skeet to come back to the caller’s house so that she could identify him. Skeet would not get into Marquez’s police vehicle, but instead walked back to the mobile home park.

Before Marquez could tell him which trailer the woman lived in, Skeet walked up to the correct unit, knocked on the door, and began yelling. He then began pacing in front of the door, despite Marquez telling him to sit down.

At that moment, a gray car pulled into the trailer park, and Skeet got into it. Marquez asked the driver of the vehicle to stop driving and turn off the vehicle.

Instead of listening to Marquez’s requests for him to get out of the vehicle, Skeet jumped into the backseat. Marquez drew his taser and again asked Skeet to get out of the vehicle, to which Skeet responded: “No, let me smoke first.”

Skeet then began smoking out of a glass pipe he reportedly had on him.

Multiple officers had to be called to the scene before Skeet stepped out of the car.

Meth was allegedly found in the car where Skeet was sitting.

Skeet was charged with his previous warrant, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, and concealing identity. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 24.

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