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Daly fails to identify collectivism’s essence

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Dear Editor,

Seemingly sympathetic to communist doctrine, your columnist Michael Daly speaks of the U.S. “allergy to communism” yet fails to identify collectivism’s essence (and the rest of Marxism’s grotesque offspring) which is forced bondage/slavery and in the case of socialism, voluntary bondage for those who fear the responsibilities of freedom. Marxism can be summed up in two directives:

1. Covet thy neighbor’s goods.

2. Envy the man that is better off than you.

Daly also notes that “communism is commonly a stage in the growth of a nation” without mentioning that the people of those nations suffered dearly in that brutal plantation process which the U.S. abolished after independence. The OECD Better Life Index reveals a direct positive correlation between economic and individual freedom (capitalism) and people’s current and future well-being.

Also, it is not a “dilemma” to separate communism and nationalism. Nearly 90% of the world has a patriotic nationalist identity (their nation first, globalist interventions second).

Make no mistake, the U.S. was founded on abolitionism and our “allergy” is to slavery, discrimination, and any ideology that restricts our freedoms (no matter what the leftist establishment’s propaganda machine may tell you). Our true dilemma concerns the extreme leftist direction our nation has recently moved, enabled by a Neo-Marxian globalist Democrat Party (Chinese Communist Party first, America second) and their united followers who seek the hostile divisiveness of cold prickly communist equity in the name of warm fuzzy “progressivism.”

Joe Schaller
Gallup, N.M.