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Featured DWI

Nolan Healing

April 9, 7:34 pm

DWI (Eighth or subsequent)

Gallup Police pulled over a gray Dodge Neon that was seen swerving on the road, which led to Nolan Healing, 51, of Gallup, adding to a sizable list of DWI charges.

Officer Aaron Marquez was informed by Metro Dispatch that the Dodge Neon was seen traveling south from the north side of Gallup. Marquez was driving on Third Street towards Maloney Avenue when he saw a vehicle matching the description heading south on Third Street.

After confirming a matching license plate, Marquez pulled the vehicle over near Washington Federal Bank at 221 W. Aztec Ave.

Marquez met the driver, Healing, who said he was traveling from China Springs Loop in Gamerco. Healing showed signs of intoxication, including bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, and Marquez saw an empty bottle of Importers Vodka in the middle console.

Healing said he had been drinking “no less than 20 minutes” prior to being stopped. He refused to take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests and was placed under arrest as a result.

A witness arrived and described the events to Marquez. She had been traveling south on U.S. Highway 491 near Gamerco when she saw Healing’s vehicle do a U-turn and travel southbound. She saw him in the driver’s seat as the vehicle traveled south, almost driving into traffic.

After securing the vehicle in Downtown Square, Marquez transported Healing to the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office, where he then denied to take a breath test. His actions were taken as a refusal and he was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center and booked for aggravated DWI (refused testing). His first appearance in court is set for May 6.

Name: Treva Young

Age: 36

Arrested: April 10

Charge: DWI

Status: Pre-trial hearing on May 17

Name: Janet Yazzie

Age: 28

Arrested: April 10

Charge: Aggravated DWI

Status: Pre-trial hearing on June 8

Name: Sophia Yazzie

Age: 34

Arrested: April 4

Charge: DWI

Status: Pre-trial hearing on May 26