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Weekly Police Activity Report

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Thoreau, Dec. 21

A can of “Smash” costing $3.19 landed a 31-year-old man behind bars.

When a man was spotted taking a can containing an alcoholic beverage from the Speedway store at 92 Hwy. 371 about 10:13 am, the McKinley County Sheriff’s Department got a call. The suspect was wearing a black jacket, beige pants, and blue shoes, and was seen running from the store in a westward direction.

Deputy Paul Davis arrived and was told the suspect was seen running toward Windsong Avenue. He went to a vacant burned down structure on Windsong and found two people.

Davis met Andy Garcia, 31, no address listed, who matched the description of the suspect. He detained Garcia and took him back to the store where the manager confirmed he was the shoplifter.

Metro Dispatch advised Davis that Garcia had three outstanding warrants between the Gallup Magistrate Court and City of Gallup Municipal Court. Garcia was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

Garcia was booked on three bench warrants, two with Magistrate Court – with $1,000  cash bond each, and one municipal bench warrant for shoplifting, for which he was released on his own recognizance by Judge Janelle Griego. He remains in custody on the $2,000 bond for the Magistrate Court warrants.


Gallup, Aug. 10

A possible burglary occurred sometime overnight at N.M. Legal Aid, 211 W. Mesa Ave., after an employee arrived at the business and found one of the windows had been broken and many of the drawers inside had been opened.

The caller told Gallup Police Officer Patrick Largo it looked like someone was looking for something because numerous items were out of place. The caller was uncertain if anything of value was taken, but noticed that the computers were undisturbed. He said other employees would have to verify if everything else was in place.

Largo examined the broken window and found traces of blood on the window blinds, and on the floor. Another employee arrived and told Largo she had left the business at 4:50 pm the day before and the window was not broken at that time.

The estimated damage came to about $150. There was no security footage available. There are no suspects and no other witnesses. No other information was listed.


Gallup, Aug. 9

A male resident at Sagebrush Apartments, 650 Dani Dr., was seen yelling at people and cars about 8:35 pm.

Gallup Police Officer Warren Bowannie arrived at the scene and found the suspect, Bryan Hosteen, 38, of Gallup, standing on the east side of the premises and yelling at a group of people in front of one of the buildings.

Bowannie approached Hosteen in his vehicle, during which Hosteen turned and tried to flee from the scene. Bowannie found him standing behind one of the nearby trees and instructed him to follow him to his unit, which Hosteen did.

A pat down showed Hosteen had a bottle that appeared to be glass in his pocket. When Bowannie moved to remove it, Hosteen became disorderly and tried to break away.

Bowannie was able to get Hosteen under control by grabbing his right arm, which appeared to be injured, since it was bandaged. Hosteen moved to the ground before he agreed to get inside the police unit, where Bowannie removed the bottle from his pocket before transporting him to Gallup Indian Medical Center.

Hosteen was still disorderly on the way to the hospital, but did calm down and agree to be evaluated once they arrived. The report showed he remained at the hospital for the evaluation to his injuries and would be summonsed into Gallup Municipal Court at a later date.


Gallup, Aug. 8

An orange Corvette was doing a burnout in the parking lot of Premier Carwash, 1115 W. Hwy. 66, about 8:20 pm. Gallup Police Officers Warren Bowannie and Dominic Molina were at the scene when one of the persons at the lot, later identified as Antonio Ponce, 31, of Gallup, walked up to Molina’s window and began yelling at him.

The owner of the business arrived and told the group to leave if they were not using the carwash services. Ponce did not leave and Bowannie informed the owner they could write up a trespass notice for him.

When the owner arrived to talk to police about issuing a trespass notice against Ponce, Ponce drove away. The owner informed police he had issues with street racers loitering at the carwash. Additional patrols were requested by the owner.

No other information was available.