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Letter to the editor: Taking on Rep. Lee Alcon

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Well I think I got Representative Lee Alcon’s attention from the letter he wrote in the Cibola Citizen on 10-28-20.  Lee tells me I am wrong about him in my earlier letter.  Lee advised getting information about votes absentee was perfectly legal by NM law, unfortunately he failed to cite said law.

I have been asked by the Editor of the same paper to make sure I cite my comments with a link page when quoting other sources. I guess Representative Alcon is exempt from that.  I did find some of his other comments interesting about how one could pay for this information and remembered when I ran for Cibola County Probate Judge some years back I had to report all the money I got to the state.

So I looked it up at the following website https://login.cfis.sos.state.nm.us/index.html#/explore/candidate.  Lee is getting a lot of money over all the other candidates including the one running against him: (ALCON, ELISEO $20,801.23), (CHAVEZ, KAREN VANESSA $2,402.82).

Quite a difference so I opened deeper and found the top 5 donations. 1. UNITED FOOD AND COMMERCIAL WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION $3,000.00 2. Committee on Individual Responsibility $2,500.00 3. AFT NEW MEXICO PUBLIC EDUCATION PROUD $1,500.00 4. NMFIREPAC $1,000.00 5. IBEW PAC VOLUNTARY FUND $1,000.00.  For Vanessa: 1. Committee to Elect James Strickler $500.00 2. Jurkens, Leetra G $500.00 3. Holmes, Earl A $500.00 4. Crowder, Randy $250.00 5. NMHRCC-New Mexico House Republican Campaign Committee $76.41.

Vanessa’s all look normal with no big UNION’S. I Goggled TOP 3 of Lee’s donators.  United Food & Commercial Workers Union Top Affiliates: UFCW Local 455 · UFCW Local 1 UFCW Local 152 2020 CONTRIBUTIONS $5,710,085 LOBBYING $800,000 OUTSIDE SPENDING $95,693.  Committee on Individual Responsibility Opening balance $172,703.90 Total contributions $38,437.43 Total expenditures $0.00 Closing balance $211,141.33.  National Education Association NM Cash and spending June 30, 2020 Opening balance $49,615.65 Total contributions $6,562.51 Total expenditures $1,000.00 Closing balance $55,178.16.

It should be obvious Lee is getting money from folks that have a lot of money to throw around versa he is Republican opponent.  I think this is what happens when you in office too long you owe too many people for giving you lots of money to help you pay for stuff like getting the information on who voted absentee as well as other things. In the same paper today page A5 there is a story on how they are trying to keep the paper mill open and save jobs.

Alcon said in his letter “The market and investors are buying clean energy. Times are changing. They may also change back. You can never count on minerals and investments. The Republican Party has promised oil refineries and uranium mines. They have had no success brining jobs to Cibola County. Yet voters keep giving them opportunities. We are at the will of the investors on Wall Street.” Well you decide what he meant, remember vote REPULICAN!


Mr. Harry L. Hall

USAF Vet Retired Police Officer