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Sunday, Oct 02nd

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Letter to the Editor: In support of wearing a mask

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Why doesn’t the Mayor put forth a mandatory mask requirement, it would actually be very easy to enforce. My sister lives back east, where you are not allowed into any store without a mask. No mask, No service.  There are still too many people in Gallup in high traffic areas, such as Wal-Mart, irresponsibly not wearing masks.

They probably won’t wear a mask either, unless they are enforced to do so. I also believe that our Police department is already taxed with more important issues. So what we need is for the Mayor to put into effect an ordinance that states that stores that wish to remain open cannot let anyone in without a mask. Rather than trying to police who’s wearing a mask or not, delegate that responsibility to the stores.

Most big stores in town with high traffic now have a member of the National Guard as well as local security. Have them enforce it. Then when officers are on patrol they can make periodic stops and check to see if anyone in the store is not wearing a mask.

If they see that someone was let in without a mask then Fine the establishment for not enforcing this essential precaution. I wish we could depend on every single person to do the right thing and just wear a mask while in public, but unfortunately this is not happening and we need the Mayor to put into effect this ordinance.

Matthew Baker,
concerned Citizen of Gallup, N.M.