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It’s 2020 and we’re still here for now

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Welcome to the New Year 2020. The End of the World has not arrived (yet) but given the current events that bombard us daily, I would expect the Breaking News on the Top Fold Front Page, on Facebook and burning up on Twitter by Donald Trump himself. After he declared himself to be “The Chosen One” and the “King of Israel”, I could only remember the Bible studies on the Book of Revelation and the prophesied Apocalypse.

The world-wide pattern is not an American crisis although there is a serious need to examine our society as we absorb the terror inflicted on our nation amid the finger-pointing and Blame Game that surrounds the upcoming election year 2020. Especially since Russia (Are you listening?”), China and Ukraine (“Do us a favor”) have been publicly invited to interfere with the elections again.

The Republican GOP-Controlled U.S. Senate has not passed a National Security Bill that would guarantee no foreign interference, although the U.S. House has passed over 200 Bills that will not see the Senate Floor. The same interference has been promised by the GOP leadership when the Donald Trump Articles of Impeachment finally are introduced. An acquittal has been declared already. This is like going to court even when you know the detrimental outcome.

Impeachment of Donald Trump is on the Record forever, so there is a question as to why no witnesses, documents or any other evidence is not going to be allowed by the Republican GOP even if all could exonerate Trump. The “jury foreman is already in cahoots with the lawyers of the accused”.

With the upcoming elections, we, as Americans are witnesses to the interference taking place in America with our sacred voting rights in the form of voter suppression, poll purges, misinformation at the highest levels and the most candidates for president of the United States of America that has only divided the country with more confusion and rhetoric that has further divided the nation.

With the much touted Iowa Caucus upcoming, the Super Bowl even outshines the Impeachment of Trump, but not without a cost to The State of the Nation in the mix. The Oath of Office by some of these candidates tends to cry treason and backed by treachery and trickery. The U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that are supposed to be held sacred are being slowly stripped from us by the false narrative of “country over politics”. The three branches of U.S. Government are not in balance due to the people who are in positions of “leadership”.

If you are not registered to vote, then do so immediately. The Ballot Boxes are ours as citizens of this great nation. It bugs me to see the religious factions scramble to see who can cozy up to the political colors and wave the American flag with false patriotism and embracing the rhetoric of racism, hatred, division and violence that is simply not the American way. On November 03, 2020, I’m voting Blue.

Mervyn Tilden
Gallup. New Mexico