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On impeachment

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To the Editor,

Regarding the impeachment of President Trump, it’s worthwhile to consider that most decisions have both intended and unintended consequences. And the decision to impeach any president isn’t immune from that fact. And with that, it was very important that our New Mexico-based United States Representatives to Congress make all decisions while being as fully informed as possible.

Now, post impeachment, overnight, while most Americans were sleeping, German TV (DW) began reporting that the Ukraine, Germany, Russia, and the EU, have signed a deal to resume and continue transporting Russian natural gas through the Ukraine, to Germany and the EU, via existing pipelines. And they did so despite the United States Congress’s passage of law making it very clear that doing so would bring on United States sanctions, against all parties involved. President Trump is expected to sign that bill into law later today. (Letter dated Dec. 20, 2019).

The geopolitical debacle has occurred because both our foreign adversaries and allies have perceived a weakening of President Trump, by the uncalled-for and outrageous impeachment imposed solely by U.S. House Democrats. Strongly indicating that impeachment has indeed had serious real world political consequences. Here and all around the world.

Including making the Ukraine believe that they have had no better choice but to make a hasty unsound deal with Russia now, about the transport of Russian natural gas across the Ukraine, to send Russian, not New Mexico’s natural gas, deep into the heart of the EU. The agreement takes pressure off of Russia to moderate their aggressive behavior, while they are still allowed to continue to build the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines going into Germany from the North.

That’s despite Russia forcibly annexing Crimea, and already owing Ukraine more than $3 billion in previously unpaid natural gas transportation fees.

To be sure, Germany and the wider EU have played key economic roles in propping up despotic regimes like Russia, China, and others, around the world, for decades. While increasingly chastising the U.S. whenever we attempt to limit the economic power of the despots, hoping to limit their reach and ability to further spread their harsh influence even more. All around the world.

And, with Russia’s long history of weaponizing energy supplies, it makes no sense for Germany and the EU to make themselves completely reliant on a despotic Russian regime for their natural gas supplies today. That’s especially true now that ample natural gas is available in the form of LNG here in North America. Including from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

It’s important to note that Angela Merkel, the now long-term Chancellor of Germany, was born and raised in the repressive communist Soviet satellite state of East Germany. And, she has never had warm ties to the freedom loving people of the West.

And, with Germany now leading the charge for an EU-wide common military, outside of the auspices of NATO, which Germany will no doubt dominate, being so closely tied to despots in Russia, makes no sense for us whatsoever. That is, unless the Germans are considering becoming more despotic themselves. Again. Making Germany’s, and the EU’s geopolitical intentions, energy choices, and hypocrisy, all extremely concerning. And perhaps even alarming.

And making the Democratic impeachment of President Trump even more dangerous than most Americans are aware of, or have even been willing to consider.

William Kalka

Artesia, New Mexico