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Crandall Lewis of Mentmore is charged with Battery of a Household Member. According to the report by Gallup Police Department Officer Steven Peshlakai, he responded to a dispatched call on Feb. 6 at approximately 10:30 am.

Peshlakai arrived and made contact with Lewis and a female victim. The victim in this crime was still on scene and “was crying and bleeding from the face.”  The report states the victim complained that Crandall was acting “crazy” and yelling. Further, the report states “Crandall followed her and hit her on her face.”

Peshlakai documented the complaint and took photos of the victim’s injuries. The officer’s report states, “Crandall did not have any visible injuries.” Witnesses are listed as “employees” in the report. It states, “Several employees said they saw Crandall hit (the victim) about three times on her face.”

Crandall, 29, was placed under arrest for battery and transported to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center. The victim was transported to Gallup Detox. S.Annis



Officer Ryan Blackgoat was dispatched, “in response to a domestic,” to the Family Dollar parking lot on Feb. 5. The officer responded to complaints of “a person was being ‘choked’.”  Blackgoat approached the vehicle, and requested the male to exit the vehicle, and secured the man in a patrol car.

The female victim “was crying heavily.” Officer Blackgoat’s report states, “I advised the female to get herself together so I could speak with her.” The suspect is identified as the victim’s boyfriend Michael Tucson. The battery of the victim happened in the Family Dollar parking lot, within a stolen vehicle.

Blackgoat’s report states, “Metro Dispatch at the time advised the vehicle the persons were in was a stolen vehicle,” a 2015 Kia Forte. It was reported stolen Jan. 28 from Hacienda Motel. The VIN number was used to match and identify the stolen car, which contained “numerous brand name purses and numerous credit cars lying on the floor board. A Skill saw type power tool was visible.”

The report further states, “Sergeant M. Spencer did arrive on scene” and was “briefed on the incident.” Blackgoat’s report details the incident and notes the vehicle “was secured and towed from the business per Detective T. Wilson.” The vehicle was towed to the Gallup Police department for evidence.

Tucson, 27, was arrested for resisting, evading, and obstructing from first contact to include battery of a household member and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Tucson was transported to the county jail and booked. S. Annis



Gallup Police Department Officer Steven Peshlakai responded to a domestic dispute on Feb. 5, which lead to the arrest of Tyrone Yazzie. Yazzie was encountered by officer Peshlakai while “walking eastbound on Hill Street.”

Peshlakai reports, “I asked him if he was arguing with his girlfriend. Tyron said yes he was.” The officer noticed that “Tyron had visible scratches to his face and small cuts to his fingers.” However, Yazzie refused medical attention.

Upon investigation, Peshlakai’s report states that Yazzie’s wife came home from work and found him locked out. Yazzie stated to officers, “[His wife] was upset because their baby was locked inside the residence.” He also told police, “they got into an argument and she attacked him.”

Yazzie admitted to consuming “three tall cans of Coors Light.”

Peshlaki proceeded to 710 1/2 E Mesa Apt #D. He met with Yazzie’s wife. Officer Peshlaki observed “glass all over the balcony and a big rock was near the door. The door was closed and the door knob was hit off.” His report states “I saw several foot impressions on the door indicating someone was forcing their way in.”

Upon interviewing Yazzie’s wife, she said that he was locked out of the apartment and their son was inside crying. Further, the wife explained, “Tyrone broke the window and the both crawled through.” Once inside she reported to officers that “Tyrone was yelling at the baby to shut up.” She reports that Yazzie then attempted to fix the door. She told him to leave, but he refused.

The report indicates that Yazzie grabbed a kitchen knife and was “holding it in his hand.” The wife also said that Yazzie told her to “get out of my way I have a knife.” The wife “felt threatened for her life and her child’s life.”

Yazzie then reportedly set down the knife and started pushing her. Yazzie head butted her on her head … hit her on her face and tried to twist her arm behind her back. It is reported that his wife was “holding her child when Tyron hit her.”

Med Star arrived on scene and tended Yazzie’s wife and child. She displayed “redness, swelling, and abrasions to [her] right eye.” And had swelling to the left side of her face.

Yazzie, 33, was placed under arrest, transported, and booked into the McKinley County Detention Center.

He faces charges for aggravated assault against a household member (deadly weapon) and abuse of a child. The knife used was secured and logged into evidence; along, with photos. S. Annis


1/35, GALLUP

The temptation to steal some clothes from a retailer at Rio West Mall got the best of a Gallup female last month, according to a police report.

Bernadine Mazon, 57, already had a trespassing notice against her from Rio West Mall. On Jan. 25, Mazon walked alone into Fallas and picked up a variety of clothing totaling $134.77, Gallup police officer Douglas Hoffman wrote in a police report on the matter.

The trespass warning from the store was issued in May 2016. While at Fallas, Mazon drove up to an outdoor display which the store owned and grabbed 40 articles of clothing and threw them into her red Toyota Camry and drove to Tractor Supply across the street from Rio West and in a parking lot along Metro Avenue, Hoffman recorded in the report.

When Mazon was still in the Tractor Supply parking lot, Hoffman confronted her and asked some questions about the clothing.

“I asked Mazon to get out of the car and stated without being asked that she stole all of the clothes from Fallas,” Hoffman wrote.

Hoffman noted in the report that all of the merchandise was returned to Fallas without a problem.

Mazon bonded out of the McKinley County Adult Detention Center the same day on a $100 bond amount, jail records show. B. Dotson