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Hasn’t January Been a Great Month?

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I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of January, 2016. For one thing, it serves as a solid marker that I am entering another year of life. It is also a time of year to attempt to change some old patterns that are not beneficial and to bulk up on ones that are more positive.

I have noticed negativity encroaching on a fair number of people; mostly those who have little joy in their hearts. Also, there are some who will never be content, with anything.

Not me! I am happy to wait for the outcomes in State Tournament action, basketball or wrestling at this time of year. I suppose I should include swimming in that mix as well, but having received no response from the coaches at Gallup or Miyamura High, I have elected not to do so.

And even if those games do not favor the local or area schools, I will still be happy. After all, I watched the NFL playoffs and did not lose my mind, or common sense, no matter who won. And my choices seldom did. I am a lousy prophet, but an ardent fan who wants to see the athletes play to the best of their abilities, knowing full well that sometimes they fail.

See you in the bleachers!